Why Women Shouldn’t Fear Traveling Alone

I never even thought about how being a girl could influence my travels, no matter which country I was heading to – and you shouldn’t let it shouldn’t bother you either. Sure, there will always be some obstacles on the way, but this is the case for anyone, regardless of gender.

The world is a marvelous place; with many helpful and truly kind people you will meet everywhere if your heart is open and courageous enough to ask for help. ‘Where there is a will there is a way,’ and you would miss out on an incredible journey if you would let worry or fear stop you. So here we address why you, as a woman, should never fear traveling alone.

The world is not a scary place.

With the daily news and headlines it easy to get scared about what this world has become. But our world is not that dark. The media may only cover the alarming events that take place every day, but that doesn’t mean nothing good happens as well. Actions of kindness and compassion take place all around you, and no matter where or who you are, that there will always be kind souls to help you.

And even though we don’t often see headlines like “110-year-old local in Spain shared her secret to plant the juiciest tomatoes on the planet”, or “Tokyoite spontaneously treats two girls who are in the city for the first time to a 300-buck dinner,” doesn’t mean they don’t happen. In fact, they do! So, don’t let the news scare you, or hinder you to travel to the country of your dreams and incredible things that could happen to you.

You are never alone.

These are actually the words my uncle said to me as I left my country for the first time ever to live in the US when I was 15-years-old. When I was at the airport and waved goodbye to my 4-year-old sister, and my parents, I could feel my nervousness in my stomach area.

But I remembered his words and at this time I truly understood them: my family would always be with me. No matter where I’d go, I always have a home to return to, friends that will think of me and encourage me. No matter where you go, there will be loving people around you who think of you right where you are, or at your home.

Let them encourage you and with the knowledge that amazing people have got your back, you can go and thrive without fear in any kind of situation.



Stereotypes exist to be challenged.

If you ever thought about solo travelling, let me tell you, you are halfway there. No matter what society may tell you, nothing can stop you! Here are some of the popular worries I’ve heard and had to answer, which may sound familiar to you:

  • “But you are a girl.” I know, it’s great!
  • “You don’t have any money!” I’m pretty optimistic in that aspect.
  • “It is dangerous to travel alone.” Many things could also happen in a group, or are even more likely to happen in a group. If you’re alone you don’t have to adapt to the group and are more likely to meet new people. The independence you have is wonderful!
  • “You still have so much time.” That is true, but let’s be honest, if we wait for the perfect timing, we will always postpone it. And plus – more time means more destinations.
  • “You should concentrate on your education/job.” Travel taught me things no education ever could – and I am beyond grateful that I was able to experience all of this, because I don’t think I could handle my guilty feeling of regret if I haven’t.



If you make it out there, you will be surprised how well everything goes, and if not, then you’ve got an unforgettable experience and a fascinating story to tell when you’re back. When you travel alone you can hardly keep track of how much you grow and how many things you learn, and even it is even more amazing how that happens.

Like exposing yourself to new surroundings you will be forced to act differently than you do at home, and basically no choice than to make the best out of it. And you’ll be super proud because you can and will make it. You get stronger by every single and little experience, and while there is this irritating image that females should not travel alone – don’t even think about it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl if you are sitting in a foreign restaurant and use your hands and feet to show the waiter what you want. No matter which gender, paying attention is always a necessity when travelling.

Put on your seven-mile boots, and explore this superb world of ours.


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Selina Auer

Selina is a19-year old girl from a tiny mountain village in Germany. She was born with a very strong sense of disorientation, which is why she is constantly following her gut feeling. So far it led her to a year abroad in Michigan during her High School Studies, volunteering in Israel, bag packing through Eastern Europe and now to Tokyo. If she`s not lost or on a dessert hunt, she is pursuing a Bachelor`s degree in Political Science at Waseda University. Her big passion is writing, travelling and to meet new people- and to satisfy her sweet tooth that replaced the space for her inner compass. Check out her instagram account and follow her on her journey!


  1. I have a lot of fear about the prospect of travelling alone and this post was quite reassuring to read, I hope to go one last big trip all by myself at the end of my year abroad so this definitely makes me feel better!

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