23 Reasons Why Student Travelers Love Sweden

  1. Lagom”.

When I was learning Swedish, my teacher tried to explain us what the word lagom means, which is: “Not too much, not too little; just right.” But I’m not sure if this perfectly shows us what this is. To understand what lagom means, you need to live in Sweden for a while.

  1. “Fika”.

Swedes have made a social rite out of drinking coffee. Swedes like to drink coffee anywhere and at any time of the day! Fika is an important element of social culture and means a coffee break that normally consists of coffee or tea, cookies or sweet buns and talks with family, friends or colleagues. Every morning in the office begins with this social rite. AMAZING!

love Sweden


  1. Weather.

I’m definitely not a summer person. So Swedish weather, with its mostly rainy and snowy days, short summers and lack of sun is just perfect for me!

  1. No one cares about each other’s lives.

You can do whatever you want, live with who you want, wear whatever you want – no one cares! Honest. They really respect your private space in Sweden!

  1. Social welfare system.

Taxes are very high in Sweden, but at least people really see where their money is going!

  1. “Lösgodis” are everywhere.

Like honestly… there is no shop where you can’t buy these bulk confectioneries. Every Friday evening you can see Swedes purchasing them Swedes take them to spend cozy Friday night with coffee and family.

love Sweden lollies

  1. People are very good looking.

For me, Swedish boys and girl are some of the most beautiful in the world. It’s seem like this nation won the DNA contest, seriously.  Everyone in Sweden also has a keen sense of style, no matter their age.

  1. Nature.

Well, I really like nature here. Especially on the north, which is where I had the opportunity to live. Sweden is a perfect place for those who prefer active sports and like to spend a lot of time outdoors. Plus, in Sweden, you can see northern lights and meet reindeers!

  1. People are very open-minded and tolerant.

I think the reason for the high open-mindedness and cultural tolerance in Sweden is the fact that majority of young people take a gap year before they continue their studies, and while they have their gap year, they travel to explore new cultures. Plus, there are a lot of foreigners in Sweden, so a majority of Swedish population don’t think of other cultures as a problem. Other countries have a lot to learn from Sweden!

  1. English language is everywhere.

Don’t worry if you don’t know or don’t feel very confident talking in Swedish – English will help you. Honestly, I didn’t meet many people who don’t speak English in Sweden. Don’t be surprised if you’ll meet an older person here which speaks English better than you.

  1. Gender equality.

It’s not surprise for me that in new rankings, Sweden was noted to be one of the more gender equals countries in the world.

  1. There is no hierarchy.

For example, at university, you’ll never address your professors by their titles. Instead, you just saying ‘hej’ and talk them like with your friends.

  1. Good work-life balance.

People in Sweden really like to spend time with their families and friends, and they can balance this well against their working lives.

  1. Food.

I’m pretty sure that everyone, at least once in life, has tried food in IKEA. That’s the best example of traditional Swedish dishes. Plus, you’ve probably heard about Känelbullar, Semla or Princess Cake? If not, check it out when you’re in Sweden!

  1. Marketing.

I like marketing and I do think that marketers in Sweden do an AMAZING job! Just look how Sweden promote herself. AWESOME!

  1. People think about the environment.

Everyone here sort their recycling and trys to buy organic food and even clothes.

  1. Super international society.

Here in Sweden, a lot of cultures are living together and it’s the one thing that I feel is really missing in Poland. While Polish society is quite nationalistic, Sweden is amazingly open-minded because of the mix of the cultures. I adore that!

  1. Stockholm.

Well, yeah, I do think that Stockholm deserves a separate point. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like other Swedish cities, but Stockholm is my biggest love. (Sorry.)

  1. The Royal family.

I adore the Swedish royal family and am still wondering how Swedes so perfectly mix traditions with highly modern and progressive society. It’s magic!

  1. Highly patriotic society.

Swedes are very patriotic, but that doesn’t mean that they raise their culture over others and try to show foreigners that Sweden is only for Swedes (like in some other countries might). No! Swedes are just very proud of their country, politicians and traditions. Even if they are not optimistic about the future of their country, they still trust their politicians are working to make their country an even better place to live.

  1. Music.

Everyone probably knows about Abba and Ace of Base, right? But did you know that Robyn, Lykke Li, The Tallest Man on Eart, Jose Gonzalez, Miike Snow and the Knife (and plenty more!) are also from Sweden? Also – you probably didn’t know about the fact that Sweden is the THIRD largest exporter of music (per capita) around the world!

  1. Architecture.

The architecture in Sweden is amazing and it’s no secret that it’s one of the best countries to study architecture in!

  1. Swedish comedies.

Have you ever watched The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared or A Man Called Ove? If not, you should definitely do that! These classical Swedish comedies are hilarious!


What’s your favourite facts about Sweden? 

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