Your Weekend Guide To New Orleans

weekend guide to New Orleans Jackson Square
Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana. Picture by Laura.

You’ve always dreamed to go to New Orleans, the city of jazz, the mysterious place of voodoo and witchcraft. But unfortunately, you only have two days free in your schedule to fulfill this dream. Sound familiar? Then read on to find out how to get the best of a short weekend in ”The Big Easy”!

Of course, two days to visit this wonderful city are really not enough. But at least you’ll be able to go through what makes New Orleans, New Orleans: music, voodoo and the bayou.

First of all, we all agree that you cannot go to New Orleans without going to the French Quarter. This area is the heart – no – the very soul of the city. There, you will endlessly hear jazz tunes and the melody of voices escaping from a café.

DAY 1 – The French Quarter.

The French Quarter is a really interesting place, in which every wanderer will feel the history of the city; especially its French past. There are plenty of things to do in the French Quarter. You can easily spend the whole day there. You can probably start the day by having breakfast at the Café du Monde. Choose a good orange juice or a coffee – it doesn’t really matter, as long as you don’t forget to order their famous “beignets”! Honestly, they are the best beignets I have ever eaten!

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After that, because the Café du Monde is right next to it, you can wander a little bit in Jackscon Square. This place is in the center of the French Quarter. You’ll be able to admire the wonderful Saint-Louis cathedral and, at the same time, witness the fortune tellers, the street artists and the musicians. And just next to the square, you’ll feel the fresh air of the Mississipi.

If you’re a fan of museums, you can also visit the Cabildo, located just next to the cathedral. Then, you can leave Jackson Square and wander in Royal Street and Bourbon Street. There, you’ll see the typical colonial architecture of New Orleans while listening to street musicians. Maybe you’ll even get the chance to dance with them!

For lunch, maybe you can try a New Orleans’ specialty, like the Gumbo of Jumbalaya. In the afternoon, if you want to look at other places of the city, you can take the tramway. This will be a good way to go all over the city very fast, but it will also be a historical experience: New Orleans’ tramway is the world oldest! You can also walk on Canal Street, which is the most modern part of the city, with its skyscrapers and shops.

Not that far from them, jazz lovers like you can also visit Louis Armstrong Park. To end the day properly, you can spend a bit of the night in a bar in Bourbon or Royal Street and enjoy the jazz music – and spirit! – of ”The Big Easy”.

weekend guide to New Orleans Louis Armstrong
Statue of Louis Armstrong in Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans, Louisiana. Picture by Laura.


DAY 2 – Voodoo experience and the Bayou.

You can do two cool things on day two: first of all, visit the Bayou. There are a lot of ways to do that, because a lot of organisations offer tours in small boats or guided tours through the Bayou. Most of the time, you need to book your place in advance. Some, like the Bataria Preserve, allow you to walk by yourself in the Bayou, and that’s a cool thing if you haven’t planned on book your tickets!

In the afternoon (or vice versa!) you can try the voodoo experience. One of the main things you can do – except going into some dark bar after midnight in Bourbon Street – is visiting the famous cemeteries of New Orleans. Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is one of those you can visit for free and at any time. There, you’ll feel the real shiver of the voodoo spirit!

But, if voodoo is not really your passion, you can take a look at the City Park, which is a really great place to go for a walk.

weekend guide to New Orleans Minions

Tricks to travel for free.

As usual, if you don’t have your own car, traveling into any US city can cost a lot. Well, first, consider renting a place via Airbnb or Homestay. This is way cheaper than renting a hotel and you’ll still have a proper place to stay in.

Then, if you have to travel through the city, you can use the tramway. However, it doesn’t always stopping everywhere, so check before you take it if it goes to the quarter where you live. If it does, that’s cool, because it is cheap (around $1.25).

If it doesn’t, then you’ll have to figure out another mode of transport. You can use Uber – it is always cheaper than any cab and it will drive you to wherever you need to go. If you’re more of an independent person and want the freedom of your own car, then consider renting one! But never forget: it’s always cheaper to rent one car as a group, because you can divide the price by the number of travelers!


Finally, you’ll realize that two days are not long enough to get all of what New Orleans has to offer. However, it’s enough to feel its spirit and to leave with a wonderful memory of this weekend and of the city!

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