Reasons Why You Should Volunteer In The United States

Being an exchange student is an exceptional experience. Throughout it you’ll learn and assimilate quite a few new things that can change your life. Community service is something that you’ll face at least at one point in your exchange year in America and believe me, you’ll love it!

At first you may have some questions and obstacles, like finding a place where you’d like to volunteer or what is volunteering exactly about and why should you even do this? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! This article was just waiting for you! Here are our favorite reasons why you should volunteer in the United States.

Volunteering is exceptionally beneficial!

Living in a new community can be pretty challenging in the beginning. You don’t have lots of friends and people don’t really know who you are, but you want to make yourself known! Well, there is something that is highly appreciated, especially in America – doing community service!

Volunteering gives you a whole new world of opportunities. First of all, you’ll get over of one of the hardest period of your exchange year! People around will love your commitment and gradually will start appreciating your wonderful personality. You’ll explore more of your local community and things around will get way easier to do! You will help the community and the community will help you.

As a volunteer you’ll have part of many priorities. For example, I was volunteering at the North Carolina state fair and with it I got free parking and state fair tickets, t-shirts, as well as free meals for the whole day and I had a great time there! But that’s just an example. There are some organizations like Key Club or even some high schools that will make trips and give prizes to the most active students! The more you’re involved, the more you’ll get!

Communication will be a significant part of your volunteering experience. You’ll be able to find new friends and make new relations. Usually exchange students make their best friendships practicing sports and doing community service, so keep that in mind!

Another important thing about volunteering that you’ll definitely appreciate is that you can make your future CV for college or work applications more attractive. Having a volunteering experience, especially for an exchange student, will highlight your ability to accommodate in new surroundings and show your gratitude towards community. Sounds great, eh? Just don’t be afraid to try!

Where can you volunteer?

Now that you learned a couple new things about why volunteering matters, you may ask yourself, “Where could I actually volunteer in an American community?” And that’s a great question! We got some information that will help you.

United States is known as the top country for volunteering involvement among its citizens. You can conclude that it is therefore not hard to find a place to volunteer; however, there are some tips that can help you select a place that best fits you!

The first and most common place to start is your high school! Find the office that works with students and ask them about the available volunteering clubs and programs that your high school may have. The most common clubs are Key Club, Rotary Club or some local ones like the Recycling Club. If you are interested in one of those clubs don’t wait too long to apply; it can be too late after a month or so!

If you’re living with a host family which goes to a church, this can be a great place for you to volunteer! Usually in most of the churches in the US there are child learning clubs and you’ll always be welcome to help there!

Now, if you’re looking for something more different, there is plenty of NGO’s animal shelters or public events that are looking for help! You just need to look up on the Internet to find what’s happening around. This will give you a large range of choices and a ton of opportunities to do something fun (like helping with a cultural event in your town) and productive at the same time!

Don’t limit yourself; these are just a few suggestions!

How could you use this volunteering experience in future?

Your exchange year may come to its end, but your awesome experience will always stay with you! Once you’ve been an active member of a community in the US, I bet you’ll be full of enthusiasm to continue doing it at home, which is great!

Your newly gained skills and experience through volunteering will give you a strong base to start something out in your home community. It can be a recycling club or a mini-English club; whatever you feel you’d like to do! Just think how many lives you can positively effect and how pleasant it will be to know that you made it; that you actually made a change!

Believe in yourself and be opened to the opportunities around you! Good luck!

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Edy from Moldova is currently finishing up his year-long exchange at North Carolina as a FLEX Program exchange student. Follow his adventures on Instagram at @edwardxd!

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