The Ultimate Cyber Monday Gift Guide For Students Who Love Travel

Happy Cyber Monday, Travelers!

Truly a byproduct of 21st century living, Cyber Monday is the digital extension of the American tradition of trampling each other in search of a good deal – Black Friday. All across the globe digital retailers offer discounts, deals, and other perks like free shipping on the Monday after Thanksgiving. If you’re a travel-freak, know a student who is, have a friend/family member who is about to go on a study abroad journey or need to get gifts for someone with long-term travel in their future look no further than this gift guide for students who love to travel.

gift guide for students who love travel
Amazon is giving you 30% select items site-wide today, and they even have a section dedicated to travel!

Tumi Luggage (Up to 50% Off)

gift guide for students who love travel

One of the best gifts you can give someone is a sturdy, long-lasting piece of luggage. Trust me, you don’t want to end up like I did, literally dragging my 60 lb suitcase across Heathrow International Airport because 3 of the wheels broke off in transit. These Tumi pieces usually retail for upwards of $600, so if you want a killer deal pounce on this one FAST.

Packable Day Pack

gift guide for students who love travel

This bad boy has been my secret weapon during my travels. It’s perfect for a day trip, a weekend adventure, a last-minute hike or a beach day and folds into it’s own pocket. Because it’s so small and lightweight packing it is a BREEZE. No trip abroad is complete without one of these things and you won’t find prices cheaper than on Cyber Monday.

Portable Safe

gift guide for students who love travel

If you know someone who is all about that hostel life, this is the perfect gift. A portable safe allows you to stash your cash, passport, laptop, tablet, expensive camera, etc. without worrying about anyone nicking your stuff while you sleep.

Pack-It Cube Set

gift guide for students who love travel

If you haven’t been introduced to the magical powers of packing cubes yet, then prepare to have your world rocked. As someone who literally lives out of her suitcase, these puppies have been a huge game-changer for me. They make unpacking a BREEZE and help provide a little structure to the chaos of packing your whole life up. My tops/shirts go in the big cube, pants/shorts/leggings in the medium cube, and underwear in the small cube. Eagle Creek’s packing cubes have lasted me 6 months of rigorous travel with no signs of stopping.

Stellar Stocking Stuffers

Travel-Sized Outlet Adapters

gift guide for students who love travel

Every traveller needs outlet adapters, and most need more than they THINK they’ll need. Take advantage of these low prices to stock up.

Luggage Strap

gift guide for students who love travel

Remember how my suitcase had 3 wheels broken off? Well it’s shell was also busted right open. If I hadn’t had a luggage strap around it, who knows where all my belongings would’ve ended up. These straps make great little gifts and make bags easier to spot as well.

Luggage Scale

gift guide for students who love travel

Another must-have item for anyone who is going to be bouncing around a lot – a good luggage scale. Airlines can be sticklers about the weight of checked bags and students in particular are going to want to avoid overweight baggage fees at all costs. Invest in a good luggage scale (this one comes with a tape measurer too, so you can be sure your bags will REALLY fit!) and save mucho bucks down the line.

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