Getting The Most Travel Out Of Your Study Abroad Experience

One of the best parts of studying abroad is getting to explore wherever you are, so why not capitalise on that potential whichever way you can? Traveling cheap, often and as stress-free as possible is THE goal when studying abroad, and here we find out how to achieve this!


1. Stay on top of the game.

Okay, so this is easier said than done, and I’ve definitely done a few last-minute on-the-road assignments. That said, if you try to get all upcoming work done in advance, you free up a lot more time for some spontaneous, stress-free trips! If you’re like me and not always (ever?) that organised, you can also just plan your trips around when you don’t have things due.

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2. Ask locals for recommendations, and then take them.

As awesome as Google is for travel ideas, there are always those little known but totally awesome spots that you would just never go to without someone telling you to. I had a look at TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Things to Do in Western Australia (my home state) and my favourite road trip spots didn’t even cop a mention!

The other thing about local recommendations is they’re usually easy to do. No one’s regular holiday spot is only accessible two days a year and requires blood sweat and tears to get to. Plus, locals can generally share some insider tips on their favourite locations!

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3. Work to your transportation strengths.

One of the most expensive parts of traveling is getting places, and if you can travel cheaply while you’re studying abroad, you can travel more! There are three main options: flying, public transport and driving.

Flying is almost always your most expensive option, so finding alternatives is key. Public transport and driving depend very much on where you are. Eastern Europe has cheap, easy public transport almost everywhere, while countries like Australia has next to none outside of the city centers.

If you have good access to trains or buses, they’re an awesome option. If not, finding friends who are also going on trips who you can get a lift with is another great way to not break the bank (you can just chip in for fuel!). Hiring a car is often affordable as well, but can get prohibitive in places like the USA if you’re under 21 (unless you’re giving a friend a fifty to borrow their car for the weekend).

The key to traveling while studying abroad is maxmising your transportation options!

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4. Work to your accommodation strengths.

If you’re doing city holidays, AirBnb is your saviour for last-minute, affordable digs to crash at. So is couch surfing with people you know. If you’re doing outdoors travel, tents are your friend. A decent caravan park is only about AU$15 a night and finding a friend with a tent they can lend you is surprisingly easy because most people don’t use them very often.

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Hope you can use your study abroad experience to your travel advantage, and may you have fun on your travels!

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