City To City Travel Marathon With An Interrail Pass

Summer is calling! That means you’ll get not only a break from school, but many free days full of travel potential. If you have only a limited amount of time or want to make the most of a couple days and happen to be in Europe, then Interrail might be a great travel option for you.

With this magical train ticket, you get unlimited train rides in a certain time span all over Europe for one flat rate price. With the right “carpe diem” mindset (and if you’re comfortable sleeping on trains) you can see a lot of Europe in just one week. That’s what my friend and I did. Both of us knew we wouldn’t get to explore the European cities we wanted to see in depth, but we still wanted to take in as many different atmospheres as possible and touch on the unique surface each city had to offer. And heck yeah, we did!

Our journey started in Munich, as we lived close to it, so we knew the city quite well. With our Interrail ticket, we were able to see five countries within a week – and our first stop was Vienna. Armed with our backpacks, we got to walk around the city and see the most impressive embassy ever (seriously, the building is gorgeous!), the guildhall and the Belvedere Complex. We then took take a break and watched people in one of the most famous streets in central Vienna, called Graben. Everything was gorgeous and we were more than excited for our next destination: Bratislava.

After arriving the next morning in Slovakia’s capital, we didn’t waste any time and started our driven sightseeing-program. We chose to see the most famous spots, and we weren’t the only ones. From far away you would often see the tourists heading or gathering around a tourist attraction, and I couldn’t complain; my orientation is pretty bad and I could literally go with the flow and take in our surroundings. We saw the Blue Church, Michael’s Gate and St. Martin’s Cathedral. Then, after hunting down all the beautiful statues that are placed around the city, we took a seat at the Main Square in the evening and looked at our feet. We were exhausted and energized at the same time. We couldn’t wait for what we were going to see next!

Interrail Pass Rakbo Budapest

We slept in a hostel so we could leave early in the morning for Budapest. And what we saw was just more beauty. We saw the impressive Parliament, the Fisherman’s Bastion, Stephen’s Basilica and the Liberty Statue. This may sound like we were just trudging around all of the sights, but in fact my awesome friend is one hell of an organizer and organized the best way to walk around the city. When we were sitting at the Hero’s Square, we took a moment to pause and thought – this is amazing. It felt like we got the chance to dance around the city and absorb every single joy it had to offer, including a new architectural masterpiece, a new unique statue and a new historical site. And we knew we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Interrail Pass Rakbo Zagreb

Our next stop was Zagreb, the home of Tesla! We immediately fell in love with this city. As soon as we left the train we could just feel a warmness and relaxation in the cute little streets and our day was topped by live music in the squares. We did a bike tour around the Old Town, which took us two hours, but the information we got about the city gave us a deeper insight to it – and why not only its tourists, but its citizens love it so well.

After we checked out the famous sights Zagreb had to offer, we not only were lucky enough to experience the Public Viewing in the Main Square (it was Soccer season after, and soccer is one of the few occasions where patriotic feelings may arise), but we also went up the Zagreb 360 observation deck – once you buy a ticket, you can go up as many times as you want, so we had a spectacular day and night view!

Interrail Pass Rakbo Ljubljana

Our last stop was Ljubljana and, as you can guess, it was stunning. We saw the Old Town, the Slovenian Philharmony and Maison Hautmann. We even got to eat ice-cream on top of the Triple Bridge and feel truly blessed everything went well. It was our fifth day and we were heading back the morning after that.

The Interrail Ticket made our train journeys simple. There were no complications with conductors and the plan allowed us to leave one city late at night and awake in a new one early in the following morning. The rest of our trip was up to our feet, which reminds me too well of Werner Herzog’s quote: “The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot.” It does, but we would be lying if we’d said our feet weren’t sore after that week. But, you know, the happily kind of sore.

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