Why You Should Travel To Jordan For Your Next Adventure

If you want to experience the Middle East and all its mysteries, then Jordan is a destination you must see. Jordan is known as a fast growing economy and a popular and safe tourist destination. The best months to travel are probably March and April, or October and November because in mid-summer, temperatures can get painfully high.  But, once you arrive, check out these great places to visit in Jordan.

  1. Jordan’s Capital, Amman.

Amman is the capital of Jordan and is where you will most likely arrive if you travel by plane. This city can be found in the north west of Jordan and has about 4 million inhabitants. The most important areas of the city are named after the hills they are built on. Amman is an incredibly old city which dates back thousands of years. It was conquered by Alexander the Great and was later part of the Roman Empire. On one of Amman’s highest hills you can visit the remains of Roman buildings and in the middle of the city centre you can find a great amphitheatre. In the early 600s, the region was conquered by Islamic rulers and for centuries Amman was an important city in trade routes between Europe and the Middle East.

Jordan Rakbo food

When you are visiting Amman, make sure to check out Rainbow Street. It is a very popular spot among young people and students. This street is a 15-minute walk from the city centre and offers a range of small restaurants, bars and shops.  Also try to find ‘Habiba’, a small shops that sells the best Arabic sweet foods in town.

  1. The Red Sea and Dead Sea.

Visiting these two seas will definitely make your trip something to remember. Experiencing the Dead Sea should already be on your travel bucket list. Its public beach is not the greatest of places, so its best if you have a relaxing day at one of the local spas or beach clubs. Treat yourself with a mud bath and enjoy floating in the Dead Sea. And, at the end of your visit, buy a jar of salt for your own Dead Sea experience at home!

Jordan only shares a small coast line with the Red Sea but it is still worth a visit. Aqaba is a well-known beach destination in the Arab world. The beach is often crowded with families and children especially enjoy swimming in the sea. If you are a girl and you intend to swim here, make sure to bring a long t-shirt to wear over your bathing suit or risk committing a faux pas. If you do not feel like going for a swim at the beach, you can hire someone with a boat to conquer some waves or even rent some diving equipment. The Red Sea is also known to have beautiful coral.

  1. Biblical Places.

Jordan is a popular destination among Christians because it holds many biblical sites which played an important role in Christian scriptures. Several stories in the Bible were set in what we now believe to be Jordan.  You can visit Mount Nebo, the mountain from which Moses is believed to have seen the promised land. From the fantastic viewpoint, you can see the Dead Sea and on a bright day even Jerusalem. At this mountain, there is also a beautiful small memorial church with ancient mosaics.

Near Mount Nebo, you can find the place where Jesus Christ was baptized. The Jordan river has changed its course somewhat over the centuries, but there is still a special site where according to scriptures, Jesus was baptized by John. The river itself now forms the border between Jordan and Israel, but you are allowed to take off your shoes and socks and step into the muddy water. Whether you are religious or not, both these two places are quite special to visit.

  1. A Night in the Desert of Wadi Rum.

Spending a night in the desert is fantastic experience. You can easily book a desert camp online and most also include a jeep safari through the desert on the way so that you can also see some beautiful sites. Most camps in Wadi Rum consist of one large group space and a couple of two- or three-person tents.

Jordan Rakbo tent

If you do book a night in the desert, do  keep in mind that there will probably also be other guests with you. A good night’s sleep is not guaranteed, but that is also because at night the desert changes. The temperatures also drop, so make sure to bring an extra layer of clothing to sleep in. You will most likely enjoy a meal made by local Bedouin people too. They often cook with an underground oven.

After dinner, you can sit by the fire and talk. Then, as night falls, it is time to do some star gazing. The stars come out and are very visible due to low light levels in the desert. Then, enjoy your sleep under a blanket of camel hair and listen to the silence of the desert. Keep in mind that most camps do not have electricity or showers so charge your phone beforehand!

  1. Ancient City of Petra.

As one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Petra is a MUST-SEE on your visit to Jordan. This ancient city was carved out of the mountains over 2,000 years ago by local inhabitants of the remote desert. It was a rich city and a big trading hub in the Middle East, but unknown to the western world till 1812! There are still a few families who live in the caves today and spend their time in Petra to earn some money off tourists. You can visit Petra by guide or explore on your own.

Jordan Rakbo Petra

The Treasury is the first building you will gaze upon once you have walked between the beautiful rock clefts. It is probably the most famous building in Jordan. On some nights, you can even get a special ticket to see the Treasury by candle light. Yet, there is so much more to see. There are three viewpoints which are only accessible by going up lots of steps. And I mean, A LOT, so make sure you are wearing good shoes.

You could also take the offer of a local and use donkey but this is discouraged by the government because it encourages animal abuse. There is a special governmental fund that takes donations to improve people’s lives.


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