Foolproof Tips For Avoiding Weight Gain In The US

If you currently study or have studied in the US, you know what it feels like when everyone is asking you one question: “Have many kilograms have you gained there?” After some time you get used to it and don’t even pay attention, but you feel like you should do something about that. Thankfully, with some effort and motivation you can do some incredible things! So, if you want to know more about how to keep yourself in a good shape in America, read this article.

The accommodation period.

When you first come to the States, a new way of daily life and a huge variety of new foods is waiting for you. At this point, you want to try everything and this is absolutely okay! You need to understand first what your preferences are and just what everything tastes like. Then, gradually (after you’ve gotten a little taste of everything), you can start thinking about your future “dietary program”. An important thing to keep in mind is not to turn this accommodation period into your way of life over there, like many international students do.


In the United States sports are extremely important – not only for recreational reasons but for health as well. If you’re studying in an educational institution like a high school or a college, get into a sports team! No matter what kind of sport is, the trainings are usually really intense. It’s not too hard to get into a team. Depending on what you like you can easily talk with the school or college staff members and ask them about the possibility of being a part of that particular sport. They may put you through a selection process, but don’t worry too much about it. It may be hard in the beginning, but it’s worth it! Practicing a sport on a regular basis, will significantly help you getting in shape and be more confident in yourself. Besides that, you will make new friends and fun experiences there.

If you choose to do sport by yourself, that’s also a good choice! There are some options for you in this case:

  1. You can pay and go to a gym as much as you want. There are a bunch of different work out places in US.
  2. You can go and do cardio and run in a green area. It’s a really common thing for Americans to do.
  3. You can go cycling if you have the opportunity to do it. There are a lot of places for that in the States.

But from personal experience, nothing can compare to a school or college sports team. I was a part of the wrestling team in my high school and it was one of the best decisions I made in my exchange year in US. Wrestling gave me the daily motivation to do something and keep myself in a good shape while being there. It also gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and make some new friends. Besides that, I also lost around 4kg by the end of the sporting season by practicing and working out.

In any case, the choice is always yours!

Fast foods and soda

Wherever you live in the States, there are always tons of fast food places. It looks tasty and it’s really tempting, but after eating just there for a long period of time, you will literally feel the kilos just rolling on. The same thing is happening in schools during the lunch time. The food there is basically fast foods like pizza and hamburgers. Besides that, a large variety of soda seems to follow you everywhere. The best advice I could give is to try to limit your visits to fast food places and make your own lunch from home – it’s healthy and quick. Every time you are thirsty, don’t drink soda! Yeah, not even the diet or zero sugar soda. Instead, drink more water! Get a water bottle and have it with you every time, it really helps.


If you’re gonna be still hungry after your meal, there is a good trick for you. You can find lots of good and healthy snacks in US, such as granola bars, clif bars, dried fruits, etc. They are pretty small with not a lot of calories, but you feel satiated after eating them. Fruits are also a good snack option, especially with the year-long huge variety of fruits in supermarkets over there.

As time goes on you will find your own way of staying in shape, depending on what you like and feel comfortable to do. But keep in mind, it’s all about how you want it to be. If you stick to your goals and follow these basic steps in the beginning, even though it may be hard, you will surely accomplish it! Good luck!

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Edy from Moldova is currently finishing up his year-long exchange at North Carolina as a FLEX Program exchange student. Follow his adventures on Instagram at @edwardxd!

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