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I vividly remember the movie I watched about Nice years ago. I was a child, impressed by the colors of the sea and the longest-ever Promenade des Anglais. I  hadn’t yet explored France, nor had I ever been to Europe. The idea of going to the French Riviera hadn’t even emerged in my mind. That was how difficult and distant everything seemed to me.

Summer French Riviera Trip Houses

As always, the less you expect, the more you’re given in return.

I have now spent two summer holidays on Cote D’Azur. Both of  those holidays made me believe in the impossible and upheld the impression I got from that one movie – The French Riviera is a unique place to spend your summer in. Let me explain why.

Let’s start by ruining the preconceived notion that a lot of people have about The French Riviera: this part of France isn’t just a place for luxury living. It can easily be reached by any student, like me, especially nowadays through endless possibilities provided by Airbnb, Skyscanner and, among others.

The French Riviera is surely not only about Nice, either. Have you ever heard of Menton, the small French town between Monaco and Italy? Or maybe Beaulieu sur Mer?  These are towns of unbelievable atmosphere multiplied by the power and beauty of nature. Visiting them will make you truly experience and enjoy the French lifestyle – drinking rose wine, enjoying sunsets and watching elderly playing petanque. Is there any reason to rush?

Summer French Riviera Trip Beach

Another thing that will make you fall in love with southern  France are its beaches. The one in Menton is my personal favorite; it looks as if it is endless, and is also not very crowded with  tourists. Moreover, it is absolutely free to entry. The evenings  I used to spend there watching the sunset turned out to be some of my warmest memories. Menton is also rich in cafe and food culture with lots of seafood dishes for competitive prices.  Every café also  offers its visitors coziness and relaxation with the help of street musicians and sometimes even dancers.

Visiting The French Riviera is never complete without visiting Monte Carlo. This is also a city that has strongly impressed me as it’s the place with very a high ‘concentration of everything’ level: luxurious casinos, blue seaside, the old town, castles, museums, shops and whatever else you can think of.

Summer French Riviera Trip Rakbo

Apart from the towns and cities already mentioned above, there are others in The French Riviera and each of them is absolutely unique. Sainte-Maxime is believed to be a nice place for youths with lots of parties and fun, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is one of the most luxurious towns with a number of villas, including the famous Villa Ephurussi de Rothschild that is open for excursions, Villefranche-sur-Mer possesses an image of the most picturesque town imaginable, Antibe lies at the most beautiful coastline, Cannes is known worldwide for its film festival, Port Grimaud on the way to Saint-Tropez is deemed the French version of Italian Venice because it is full of channels and bridges, and finally, Saint-Tropez is indeed a place you should not leave France without visiting –  anyone remember the movie about Gendarme from Saint-Tropez? You  have to see the Gendarmerie from the movie perspective that is still there!

There is one final something  that I adore about The French Riviera. The views of course! The line of small, cozy towns surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea from one side and mountains from the other. The road that is above all of them  has one of the best views ever and the scenery never gets old, from the very Eastern part of The French Riviera that is Menton, to the amazing Saint-Tropez at the very West. There is something for everyone in the beautiful Cote D’Azur! Happy visiting!

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