Studying Abroad Could Mean A Fresh Start

Studying abroad permits you to surround yourself with a bunch of new people who don’t know the previous YOU‘. This could be the time to change things without any fear of judgment or any shock because these people will meet the ‘YOU’ you chose to be.


You’re young and it’s a great time to find out who you are. Above all, it’s the right time to try cause you must experience different versions of yourself in order to get to know. New places, New culture, New people, New routine… why not a New YOU? From a slight change to a radical one, the most important is to feel good!


The New Culture may influence you on making some changes such as your style. Sometimes, some trends aren’t accepted or just not common in some countries and moving to another one in which they are, could be a great experience and vice versa. Also, just leaving all the people you knew behind can take off your doubt of doing it. I knew a girl who went from brunette to blonde few days before flying to Canada. She wanted to try but didn’t know when to do it and her departure seemed to be the perfect opportunity to dare finally doing it. I thought it was pretty smart and inspiring.


Physical appearance is one thing you might change but in my opinion you can even go further! Which leads me to:


We definitively have a great relation with people we know for long but it would be awkward for them to see us change from one day to another. Plus, sometimes it’s hard to show who we really became. That’s why it’s easier when you meet new people. You can choose to show truly yourself right away because you have nothing to lose: either they accept you or they don’t.


You could also try out other aspects of your personality. You’re always making jokes in silence while talking with friends because you’re too shy to tell them? It’s an opportunity to try. You’re a talented singer under the shower but you’ve never had the guts to sing in front of your friends? Grab the microphone at the karaoke! Just enjoy experiencing and stepping outside your comfort zone.


Anyway, a new routine will inevitably lead you to try new things and to get to know yourself better.

Besides, you might take advantage of this new routine to eliminate your bad habits such as smoking or staying on the couch for hours instead of working out as an example. A new lifestyle could be a fresh start.

Life is short and experiencing yourself along the way is worth it!

The only thing that shouldn’t be a fresh start abroad is going on a diet, you can find out why here:


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Ondine Romanini

Ondine is a 17 year-old student currently in Italy for one year. She was born in Paris and raised in Challans (western part of France). Since her father is half Italian and her mother has traveled a lot, she has always enjoyed traveling. She discovered her will to study abroad during the visit of an American High School while being on vacation in the US at 14. When she was 15, she had been an exchange student in Australia for 2 months. Back home, she decided to go for it again in Italy. She would like to go to uni abroad and study Communication Science. Ondine has a youtube channel : " Ondine quand ? " in which she talks about her experiences (in English).

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