6 Reasons Why Studying Abroad In Spain Is Awesome

¡Hola chicos! The end of this semester is nearby and the future exchange students have to decide where to go. There are heaps of countries to choose from, but today we are going to focus on one hell of an awesome country called Spain. Based on my experiences, here are reasons why studying abroad in Spain is awesome.

1. La mañana.

Studying in Spain is a great for people who get stressed out quickly. Spanish people are very laid back in a positive (sometimes negative) way. In Spain, it is normal if that the teachers arrive 15 minutes later than scheduled. Spanish people are not punctual at all.

Also, people enjoy their lives and do not think too much about the future. It is easier to drop your worries with a mentality like this in Spain. Sometimes, it is hard to work with Spanish students, because they attend to do their work very last minute because of this mindset. This is a great in that it means you do not stress out too quickly and get to talk with them effectively.

Besides that, Spanish people are very kind (there are exceptions) and take their time to help you. Some of them do not speak English at all, but they will try to help you as much as possible.

2. There’s plenty of sun and beach!

One of the reasons why so many students go to Spain is because of the weather. It is (almost) always sunny the entire year! Despite that in winter is can get cold sometimes, the center of Spain can also reach a temperature of up to 40°C in summer. No spray tans needed!

The cities on the seaside are sunny the entire year. Cities such as Barcelona and Malaga are very popular cities to study. Also, these cities are known for their beaches. How awesome is it to go to the beach after school? ¡Vamos a la playa!

studying abroad in Spain beach

3. It is the home of tapas, paella and sangria.

Sharing is caring in Spain! A popular food concept in Spain is tapas (of course). Tapas are food dishes to share with friends. It can include several things, like cheese, tortillas, patatas bravas, etc. It can be eaten at dinnertime, or as a side dish for your glass of beer. Some restaurants and bar serve free tapas when you order a beer!

When you visit the seaside of Spain, you should definitely try out the paellas! Many restaurants at the seaside specialize in seafood paellas, which are absolutely delicious and not too expensive. Yummm.

Last but not least; sangria! There is no chance that you can leave Spain without drinking a good sangria. This fruity red drink, made with red wine and several kind of fruits, is a standard drink on every menu. Very sweet and fresh. The best sangrias are made in (of course) Spain! Drink it while you enjoy your tapas or drink it while you enjoy the sun at the beach!

studying abroad in Spain food

studying abroad in Spain sangria

4. Spain boasts some stunning natural wonders.

Next to the beautiful seaside of Spain, there are also enough places to enjoy the nature itself. There are plenty of places where you can have a nice hike with your friends. A great way to unleash yourself from the city life!

studying abroad in Spain landscape

5. It’s SUPER cheap!

In comparison to other countries, Spain is super affordable to live in – especially when you live in the smaller cities. You do not pay a lot for your groceries (in the right supermarkets) and going out for dinner is cheaper than going out  in another country. Public transport (such as the train and metro) is pretty cheap as well. The rooms in Spain are also affordable! I lived in the center of Madrid and had a spacious room which was pretty cheap.

studying abroad in Spain coins6. It’s a party central! 

Spanish people know how to party! Young or old, there are always excuses to go out and have a nice party. In the bigger cities there are parties every single day. There are also so many clubs, so there is enough to do every evening. There is a go hard or go home mentality in Spain; most of the people do pre-drinks first, because the drinks in the clubs are pretty expensive. After that, they dance till 6:00am and go to an after-party afterwards. Only the die hards will survive those night outs. The best part is that some people do have to go to school the day after…


Which country would you recommend for future exchange students? Let me know!


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I am Xiao Xia Nguyen, 22 years old and I am from the Netherlands. During the fall semester of 2016, I have studied in Madrid for 5 months. I have finished the study Business Administration in 's-Hertogenbosch succesfully. What to do next? There are a lot of options to choose from; following a master degree, travelling, starting a career, etc. Life is good! I love to discover new places and hotspots in different countries. You can also make me happy with some good black coffee or craft beer!

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