Why You Should Study Abroad In Israel

Israel, Israel, Where do I start with this amazing country? Well, first up, Israel is THE place to be! From amazing food prices to the must-try’s of Israel, let me tell you why you should study abroad there! Are you ready? Then read on!

Are you tired of the rain and snow? Yup, I was too! It was unimaginable for me to think you could study abroad somewhere where it’s sunny every single day of the week for each month of the year! Yes, that’s 365 days FULL of sun, palm trees and beaches! Even in January, you can head to the beach to clear your head, but make sure to bring a sweater!

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During the Israeli “winter” you can head to Eilat, which is a city in the southermost part of the country, and soak up the sun! The cost of hotels in Eilat are definitely student-friendly and the bus costs US$35 for a return-trip there fore Tel Aviv. If you don’t want to sit on a bus for six hours, which is completely understandable, you can take a one-hour plane trip there. However, this will cost you about US$100.

Because I don’t know anyone who is not obsessed with food, let me tell you a bit about the Israeli culture when it comes to eating. Fresh hummus, hot crispy pita, shawarma with vegetables… the local foods in Israel are unreal!

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Foreign resturants have expanded enormously as well in Israel over the last couple of years, making Israel’s cuisine an international one! Craving some Chinese or Italian? They’ve got it! All the resturants in Tel Aviv are affordable and you can get such a big meal for such a decent pricing. If you’re heading for lunch, resturants have business menus that include drinks, starters, meals and desserts for a total of US$25.

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Want to go our for a night? Israel has SO many cool bars where you can get all sorts of different cocktails. The cocktails vary from US$7 to US$18 in price, but try will never cost more than this. The sizes are big, the alcohol is strong and it will definitely give you the buzz you need for a good night out. As for the clubs, if you know the bouncers and promoters, you can get in for free! I don’t know anyone who has ever paid an entrance fee at a club in Israel.

Yes, this country is known to be expensive; you just have to be smart about it! Make sure to keep track of your budget. Take public transportation and not cabs. And, of course, don’t spend your money on stupid things! Just like any other country, being an international student is hard financially, but you can all do it! The public transportation is so practical. There are buses, coach buses, trams, trains and more! Just make sure to download the free app called MoveIt to help you keep in the know when it comes to the bus schedules.

Life in Israel is unique. You can be the first waiting at a bus stop after a nine-hour shift at work and be pushed to the back of the line when the bus rolls up, until the bus driver says it’s full! This is the Israeli culture that we all have a love/hate relationship with. What you should look out for is definitely people hollering at you and pushing you around at bus stops. If you were there first, make sure to get in the bus first!

In Israel, you’ve got to be strong and step your foot down when it comes to the attitude the Israelis can give you. Never take no for an answer! Aside from this, don’t worry! This country is filled with love, thrill, adventures and excitement that all students should get the chance to check out through their own eyes!

If it’s about the fashion, art, architecture and design, Israel has their own taste on those, too. But trust me – they make it special enough for you to remember it! As for the shopping, you won’t be spending too much due to the low prices in Israel, which is such a HUGE plus! However, Zara’s new trends come out later than anywhere else in the world and both Mango and H&M are more expensive that other countries. Israel is just not made for the regular shopping we all know and love.

Next up, check our these must-try’s in Israel! Of course, hummus is the first thing you should have when you land in Israel. Did you guys know that workeers get up a 5 o’clock in the morning to peel the chickpeas? Its crazy, but just another reason why you should taste the delicious and fresh Disraelian hummus. The other definite thing you all should try is to go surfing! Israel’s waves are perfect for having fun on a surfboard!

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On that note, I hope you all think about coming to study abroad in the beautiful country of Israel! It will truly change your perspective on the life you think Israeli’s live, guaranteed! Hopefully, you are all able to visit and see its wonders for yourself.

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