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When we travel to a new place, we are always a bit nervous as well as excited. Not just because we will see a new part of the world and meet new people, but also because those new people will meet our new selves. We will meet a new version of ourselves, too. Our homes can work like boxes and the people that we are surrounded by can confine us to what they believe we must be. However, as we start a new journey, it can feel really refreshing to have a chance to break out of those patterns. There is only us and what we choose to share, to reveal.

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At least that’s what we think it is at first. But, in reality, it takes much more than just a step across the border to set yourself free. We all have some emotional luggage that comes with us on our journeys around the world, whether we like it or not. We can either ignore the pain for the duration of our travels and whatever it is that we carry emotionally, or we can face it and heal. Even though it takes some time, new places and new people can work like magic and heal what we have long held too close to our hearts. However, for that to occur, we have to be open and slightly vulnerable.

The people and the places back home can work as a box, due to limitations they place upon us and the limitations that we accept. Also, the changes that we go through are sometimes painful and we are not able to show them to the people we are usually surrounded with. Some would say that the box disappears when we travel; that it frees us of our limitations. This is only partly true. While the limitations that others gave us are gone, those that we set by ourselves might be harder to get rid of.

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Nevertheless, it is so much easier to reflect on our own limitations in new and unfamiliar surroundings. Usually, travelling offers us a unique collection of stressful situations and inner conflicts, as well as a big number of realisations about our own actions, behaviour and state of being. While being abroad we break the bubble of our daily routine and give ourselves a chance to truly see ourselves.

Not only that, but also our new foreign friends may just point out our unique qualities and weaknesses much easier than our friends back home, due to the less complex premises of the freshly built friendship. This is much harder to put up with at home, even though we should also work towards being ourselves instead of what others want and expect us to be, or just think we are. It is our responsibility to share our reality with those close to us, for the sake of quality relationships or just making space for new relationship that would be good for our growth.

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Perhaps, the magic of traveling lies in being more direct and honest to others, which at the same time kind of makes us more open for constructive criticism. Like, who would want to be seen as lame because they’re causing drama due to an honest opinion of another and therefore ruining their own travel experience? Growth is always a quite painful, but understanding the importance of accepting constructive criticism and facing up to the source of that pain might just result in the start of a healing process. Your journey can be a beginning of a better relationship with yourself and the people around you. Consider it a rite of passage; a seed of a beautiful tree. Plant that seed, water it and watch it bloom. And don’t forget that a helping hand is always welcomed.

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