Rakbo Scholarship

Who doesn’t like Rakbo? As a hub of information and stories exchange, Rakbo has served as the best platform for exchange students. I am those kind of people who can’t stop thinking – random thoughts just pop up all the time and sometimes keep me from sleeping. Thank goodness Rakbo takes all them in no matter how peculiar the ideas are. The best thing about Rakbo? it shows us we are not alone even when people around you don’t understand your emotions while abroad or after homecoming.

Jenn Lo

March 2017 Micro Scholarship Winner

What’s in It for me?

Get a chance to win a $150 dollar micro-scholarship every month

Learn LinkedIn’s #9 most In-Demand Skill of 2017: SEO/SEM marketing

Compare and collaborate with a team of blog contributors from over 50 countries

How do I apply?

Here are the rules…

  1. Submit your best piece of writing in the application below and like us on Facebook – If we like your piece, we’ll invite you to be a part of the team and you can now participate in Rakbo’s micro-scholarship. We suggest reading the 10 Commandments for Rakbo Content to get a feel for our style.
  2. Choose a sweeeet headline and topic for your next article – Work with Chloe, our globetrotting Editor, if you need help.
  3. Write it – Be brief but not boring. 800 words is what you get.
  4. Upload it to WordPress
  5. Share it – the article with the most views and shares will win. You’ll get access to our weekly leaderboard to see how you’re doing in real time.Not too bad right. BONUS: Once you get the hang of it, you can enter every month!
I'm an international student on an F-1, M-1 or J-1 visa, am I eligible?

Yes, this micro scholarship is not remuneration (payment for work) of any kind. We have the scholarship rules available for any and everyone to see. However, if you’re unsure, please talk to your school’s administrators.


How do you determine the winner?

For now we’re keeping it simple:

Number of Pageviews x .75 + Number of Shares x .25 = Weighted Value for choosing the winner.

Pageviews and Shares are key and the article with the highest Weighted Value wins. Bounce Rate, Exit Rate, Returning Visitor, share from Reader as opposed to Writer etc. will be incorporated down the road. We’ll always let you know the rules well in advance 🙂

What if I don’t get invited to participate...You’ll at least let me know right?
Of course we will, and we encourage you to join the Rabko Fam facebook group or follow Team.Rakbo on Instagram to learn about other contests and ways to contribute.
What if I don’t win?
That’s okay, you’ll still learn the tools to make your own money. Didn’t we mention SEO/SEM is the #9 most In-Demand Skill of 2017 AND we encourage you to apply again the following month.
Do I have to jump through a million hoops to get my money?
Nope, we will initiate the transfer in 1-2 business days. Venmo, Paypal, Visa Prepaid Credit and Amazon Gift Cards are our preferred methods. If you want to use something else, just ask.
So why is Rakbo doing this?
When we started Rakbo, we made a promise to provide today’s international students with all of the information and resources we wish we had when we were in your shoes. This micro-scholarship is just one of many ways we hope to give back. Our scholarships and giveaways will grow as we do as a company. So please share Rakbo’s contests and content with your friends, study abroad offices and classmates.
Previous Scholarship Recipients

So now that you know how to win, what are you waiting for? 🙂 We here at Rakbo look forward to your submissions

It’s amazing that whilst international students are from all across the world and study in so many incredible places, we all have one thing that connects us which is the fact that we are all studying abroad and that is special. And what is even more special is that because of Rakbo international students have somewhere where they can feel like they’re part of a community regardless of where in the world they are from/are. If you’re in need of advice, ideas on how to make the most of your experience, or even just reassurance that there are others in the same position as you, Rakbo offers that. The Rakbo community is very unique and special and I am so happy I get to be a part of it. 

Charlotte Pickles

November 2016 Micro Scholarship Winner

I discovered Rakbo out of the blue through Instagram and I was so glad I did. Being abroad can be quite lonely at times and having Rakbo was an incredible relief as I felt I had a community where we could share stories about the many similar experiences we are having and interactions with locals which can sometimes be awkward, but make a great story as Rakbo has proven. Additionally, it has furthered my curiosity for the world and all it holds as I read about all the adventures of the fellow bloggers and add to my ever-growing bucket list. Rakbo forces me to reflect and therefore appreciate all my experiences and at the same time, laugh about all the little mishaps which inevitably happen abroad.

Ellen Oscar

April 2017 Micro Scholarship Winner