How To Satisfy Your Wanderlust When You’re Broke AF

We cannot all afford to travel all the time. It’s a bummer, I know! However, there’s no need to cry in the travelless university days. There are things that can ease your wanderlust that don’t necessarily require a big budget and will bring you that sense of going on a journey.


Besides this being a great way to meet new people, you’ll get to know more about the countries they come from and the culture there. There are always people in need of a local host, whether that be through platforms like Couchsurfing or just on travel groups on Facebook. Showing people around in addition to just having them crash at your place can actually make you get to know your own town more. Sharing your favorite places is an amazing feeling; but imagine the satisfaction you can get when you discover a new cool place in town that even you haven’t known before. In this way, you also are getting to experience or see something new. Even if you are not into hosting strangers, you can host people that you know.

  1. INSPIRE OTHERS (host a travel lecture from your past travels)

If you ever had an experience from your journeys that is worth sharing, you can take initiative and host a travel lecture. Many bars, hostels and different organizations are usually more than happy to help people who are prepared to share their travel stories. This benefits not only the listeners, but the place where the travel lecture takes place. It is a wonderful feeling when you can inspire others with what you’ve been through and, in doing so, you can also remind yourself of the things you’ve learnt. We tend to forget the the realisations that we’ve come to when travelling, so reminding yourself now and then doesn’t hurt. It’s even better when the others can learn and be inspired from your experience!


If you cannot travel for real, there is at least the option of doing it in your head. How many times does it happen that we fuel our wanderlust through the stories of others? And what better way to achieve that than through a good travel book or a movie? Just watching Into The Wild and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, or reading The Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux, makes your wanderlust a bit more easies to manage. We sometimes need to get lost within somebody elses journeys for us to feel as if we’re getting lost somewhere in our future travels, but still feel that we will be fine.


How about a dinner with the selection of dishes from different countries? Culinary experiences are always a major part of everyone’s journey through foreign lands – so why not try making the dishes you’ve tried and loved for your friends or family? Taste is the sense most strongly connected to human memory and in your mind you might just return to a place you’ve travelled to. Trying something new from a country you’ve never been to is a good thing, too. Either way, your family or friends will appreciate it.


There are many things one can do to travel while not actually traveling; either with their mind or senses. Besides, wanderlust is not only traveling. It is a sense for alowing yourself to fully experience and discover a place.

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