Why You Need To Road Trip Through Norway

My friends and I bought a ticket to Norway for a weekend in September just because it was cheap. We had never been there before and had zero knowledge of the country. But it ended up being my favorite trip out of the eight trips I took while I was studying abroad. Based on my personal experience, here’s why you should you should fly to Oslo, rent a car and road trip through Norway (even if you only have three days like we did).

Reason #1: Driving in Norway is not difficult at all (even if you don’t know how to read the street names correctly) and it’s how you’re guaranteed have a fun adventure.

If you’re used to driving on the right side of the road, you will have nothing to worry about. There isn’t much traffic to deal with and it is easily navigable. I suggest that you go before it gets too cold and starts snowing. It is also the BEST way to experience an extremely gorgeous country. You can stop wherever and whenever you want – especially if you see a view you cannot pass up, like we did.


Road Trip Through Norway Rakbo Kristy
Photo taken by my friend after we made a quick stop a few miles away from our cabin.

Reason #2: You can stay in the scenic countryside and appreciate what mother nature has to offer.

We rented a cute cabin on a family farm in a small village called Noresund. It was under two hours away from Oslo. I was so used to staying in the city wherever I visited that it was a nice change of pace to stay somewhere so peaceful. Plus, it was a great way to bond with my friends since we were pretty secluded.


Road Trip Through Norway Rakbo Farm
Photo from our Airbnb host. Our cabin was the smaller red house at the back of the farm.

Reason #3: You can drive straight to the famous Norwegian fjords.

If you have seen Disney’s Frozen, then you will recognize that Arrendale drew inspiration from the Norwegian fjords. Seeing the real thing is obviously so much better than the animated depiction. We drove to Aurlandsfjord – the closest fjords to us. It was so breathtaking; I felt like I was standing in front of a photoshopped image! The sweeping mountains really do sweep you off your feet. You can either drive up to a viewing point or hike up their trails (though I recommend driving). Afterwards, you can even grab a bench near the waters to enjoy your lunch. Photos don’t do these fjords justice, but here is a sneak peek:


Road Trip Through Norway Rakbo Mountain

Road Trip Through Norway Rakbo Cloud

Road Trip Through Norway Rakbo Valley

Road Trip Through Norway Rakbo Fjord
Photos above were taken with my iPhone.

Reason #4: You can still experience Oslo, but you can do it on your own time because you don’t have to worry about transportation.

There is plenty of street parking as well as parking available in public garages. Growing up in the US, our history lessons didn’t really go in depth about Nordic culture or history. Oslo’s museums allowed us to learn more about the country and it was definitely interesting. You won’t get bored. Norway’s largest city is also just as magnificent to look at as its countryside. The city has a perfect mix of traditional and modern architecture. Despite this, I have to say that its modern buildings are the most unique ones:


Road Trip Through Norway Rakbo Bridge
Photo taken with my iPhone.

Reason #5: Why not? If you have never been, then you should go.

I truly believe Norway does not receive the credit it deserves and more people need to see its beauty. Road tripping will allow you to experience more than just the city and, I promise you, you will want to take photos of everything. If you’re into nature-based activities or want to be, this is for you. Best of all, you will have lots of photos to share and stories to tell. For example, we had to stop driving in the middle of the road because a herd of sheep blocked our way for a good 15 minutes while staring us down. True story. And, if you can, I recommend doing it with friends. You won’t regret it.


Road Trip Through Norway Rakbo Lake
Photo taken by my friend during our lunch on the waters in Aurlandsfjord.

Norway is an underrated country but it shouldn’t be because it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The best way to experience it is to road trip through the countryside – that way you can experience everything from the city to the fjords!

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Kristy is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently studying Public Relations at the University of Southern California. She hopes to attend law school eventually but right after graduation, she’s taking a couple of years off to explore her career options in PR. She studied abroad in London during the autumn of 2016 and fell completely in love with Europe. She has been self-diagnosed with wanderlust and hopes to travel to 30 countries before she’s 30. Her favorite motto is “Treat. Yo. Self.”

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  1. When I was studying in Sweden we took a trip to Jostedal Glacier in Norway. It was a fourteen hour drive from our little Swedish city but seeing so much of the Norwegian countryside was worth every second, and the hike up the glacier gave us amazing views. Such an incredibly beautiful country.

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