Reasons To Visit Athens, The Heart Of Greece

I could talk endlessly about Greece. Not only because is the country of my origin, but because Greece has a ton of things to offer. The past couple of years there has been a negative vibe surrounding Greece as the country was framed badly in the news worldwide. But let’s not only talk about the stuff we know about Greece, such as the economy, the history and the food.

Let’s also talk about how visiting Greece will make you fall in love with the country’s hidden beauties, the urban, hipster style (with a twist!) that is taking over in the big cities and how Greece boasts the most honest form of hospitality you have ever experienced! Thinking of Greece makes me think of sunshine, blue skies and wavy seas. Thinking of Greece instantly makes me smile!

Visit Athens Narcissus

Greek people are just very nice!

Greeks are loud, they yell and are very passionate in everything they do. People from other counties might find this annoying, but Greeks just live very intense lives. Wherever you go in Greece, you’ll see people drinking coffee at cosy cafés in big groups or having mezedes (greek tapas) and drinking ouzo – laughing loudly and just having fun.

It doesn’t matter whether it is summer or winter, or if it’s a cheap or very fancy place – Greeks will have fun no matter what. They are very open and friendly and know how to have a good time.

Greece has a lot of different places throughout the entire country and, in my opinion, seeing the people being so nice and warm everywhere you go is simply amazing. They make you feel at home in their own homes. They’re the most warm and welcoming people you’ll meet. Greeks are just very nice and the best way to meet a lot of different types of Greek is in Athens, which combines a variety of people, landscapes and styles.

Stereotypes about Greece are definitely true.

What are the stereotypes you think of when someone mentions Greece? I’ll state a couple of popular ones. Have you seen the My Big Fat Greek Wedding? That’s basically what everyone thinks of Greek people.

  1. Greeks are lazy.
  2. Greece has beautiful places and seas and, as such, is a great vacation destination.
  3. Greek food is gooooooood.
  4. Greeks drink a lot.
  5. Greeks only eat moussaka.
  6. Greeks have a very rich history.
  7. Oh… I almost forgot! Greeks throw plates – YAMAS!

Visit Athens I make lamb

I can tell you that most of them are true. Greece is an amazing country with hidden waterfalls, unknown villages high up in the mountains, breath-taking beaches and it’s probably the best place on earth to spend nights on the beach watching the sun go down and rise again! (Here is where the ‘lazy’ stereotype comes in.)

On the other hand, we do not throw plates (anymore), but we sure know how to have a good time and typical Greek families eat moussaka twice a month. YASS THE FOOD IS GOOD, but you already knew this. For anyone who wants to experience the Greek culture and stereotypes without having to travel hours and hours in buses and trains – visit Athens. The capital city has great beaches to chill in during the summer and cute taverns to taste traditional food with view an amazing view a lot of ouzos shots. It also has an overload of museums to make your trip a bit educational as well. Some of Greece’s biggest treasures are the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon, both of which you’ll find in Athens.

Get lots in the streets of Plaka and the overload of coffee and cocktails places in the city.

When in Athens, a very big must is to rent an hotel room in Plaka or Monastiraki and then stroll around Anafiotika ‘cause that part of the city is just magical (and I love it). Trust me, you’ll thank me if you do! This old part of Greece is full of surprises. You’ll see the Athean urban lifestyle in the streets of Plaka and you can enjoy your meals and coffee while having the most amazing views in all of Europe. In this part of town, you will also find trendy cocktail bars and with most surprising and delicious tasting drinks and cocktails. Greeks like to go out and party… and they’ll do this until it’s very, very late. Enjoy the warm summer nights and meet new people here; they have a lot to tell and show you.

Did you know that people go to special cafes to have their coffee and play card games? Cool, right? That’s how cool Athens is.

Are you an extravagant type of person? That’s nothing to worry about. Jump in a cab and, within 15 minutes, you’ll can find yourself in the sparkling nightlife of Glufada or Vouliagmeni, where you can dance on the beach with a cocktail in your hand and a breeze in your hair, or in Kifisia, where you can ball in fancy club while drinking champagne on high heels.

Are you a bit of a rocker? Then, no problem! Again, Athens has heaps of options for you. Just make sure you connect to the internet before going out to explore, because Google and Google Maps are going to be your best friends!

Also, be prepared to walk a lot. That is the best way to explore the historical and urban center that is Athens.

Ok, and now a short summary…

I could make this list suuuper long and boring and give you a hundred reasons why you should visit my favourite city in the whole wide world, but the bottom line is that Athens is AWESOME and you should live the feeling! It is one of the oldest and most historical cities in Europe, and is a place where you can find urban and modern combined with classy, artsy and sophisticated all in one. Plus, Athens allows you to get lost in the endless nights of parties and groovy nights. Whether you take walks along the coast or stroll around in the main shopping streets, Athens has something cool to offer for every hour of the day. Oh, and a small tip: eat pitta giros, but avoid the touristic places. The pitta giros there are nothing compared to where the real Atheans eat. They’re just something on the street.

And don’t forget – Greeks are suuuuper chill and nice!

Visit Athens

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Nadia Karathanasis, 25 year old, Dutch/Greek living in Holland trying to find a balance between travelling and studying


  1. I never thought about movies being the way most people “visit” a country so it was fun reading your description. I have lived/worked overseas & been to about 25 countries so far & Greece is definitely on my go to list.

  2. You don’t have to convince me to go to Greece. Just the food in itself makes me want to go! Plus not to mention that I’m a history nerd and hearing about the history makes it even more enticing. It’s on my bucket list to go to Greece one day.

  3. Greece is always a top destination for me when we go visit Europe. I love visiting the ruins, the Parthenon’s imposing presence is such a sight to behold. Aside from Athens, I love Santorini too. So sceninc and beautiful!

  4. Our neighbors visited Greece last year and can’t stop talking about what a great time they had. Everything from the incredible food to the kindest of all of the people they met. My husband and are excited to go ourselves one day x

  5. I have always dreamed of exploring Greece, where the Gods and Goddesses came from. Athens, I believe is home to a lot of historical landmarks, and those are what I love to see if one day I get to visit Greece.

  6. Greece is a dream! I am absolutely in love with the country and their rich culture and history. It’s awesome and it’s one of the places where I’d love to spend a summer in. There’s so much that you can see and do there. The people are amazing and so is the food!

  7. Greece is such a gorgeous country. My friends and family have visited multiple times, but I haven’t been yet. I hope to make it out that way one of these days.

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