Real Ways To Get Involved In Causes You Care About

You’ve probably heard of ‘slacktivism’: when you care about a cause a little bit (say, enough to post about it on Facebook), but not enough to make any actually changes or take any action. The thing is that as a student it can be hard to understand exactly what you can do to have any impact — we usually don’t have much of a financial backing and we generally aren’t in positions of influence. However, I’m a big believer that something is always being better than nothing, so here are some things that I’ve found help me to have my little impact.

  1. Get informed!

This is pretty essential (and maybe obvious): find out as much as you can about the issue so that you know exactly what the problem is and what needs doing.

  1. Consume accordingly.

Once you understand the issue, you can use you everyday choices to change how you impact the situation. Worried about the environment? Buy less meat. Horrified at factory working conditions of big clothing companies? Buy second hand. There are also heaps of awesome apps out there that let you know the impact of your purchases! Good On You is my personal favourite for clothing.

  1. Donate time.

As students, we often can’t fund solutions — but we can be part of them! The key thing here is thinking local. Sure, you’re passionate about the environment; but if you only ever think about stopping climate change the world over, any contribution seems impossible. Instead, hunt down your local organisation and volunteer. Plant some trees, collect clothes for the homeless, or help make relief packages – whatever your passion may be.

  1. Vote accordingly.

Just because you’re overseas, doesn’t mean you can’t use a postal vote to contribute to matters you care about back home! Voting is so important and allows you to have a real impact on how your home government responds to key issues.


So, what’s your issue? How do you like to contribute to it? Do you have any other great ways to make an impact?

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