Rakbo’s New Year’s Resolutions For 2017

We don’t know about you, but 2016 had us all…

new year's

But here at Rakbo we are READY to ring in 2017 with celebrations, optimism and a few resolutions to make ’17 the best year yet.

Travel more.

There are no excuses! You can study abroad if you’re broke (and who amongst us students isn’t, AMIRITE?), you can cross the world if you’re afraid of flying, and even if it hurts to say goodbye. Sometimes you’ll face a few setbacks (especially when applying to study abroad), but they’re nothing compared to the thrill of setting foot in a new city, state or country. The world is our oyster! In 2017 we’re going to take full advantage, even if it means a day trip to the next state over or a neighboring city we’ve never been to before.

New Year's - travel more plane

new year's - travel more Europe

Get outside that “comfort zone.”

For some of us that may mean traveling solo, trying to be a little more extroverted, fully saying no to FOMO or literally walking outside the dorm/apartment building and saying “hi” to the first person within eyesight. They’re called growing PAINS for a reason people – and if we’re gonna be cooler, awesomer, more incredible people in 2017 we’re gonna have to get uncomfortable.

new year's - comfort zone

Actually, you know, STUDY.

Yes, even if it means learning your Professors names, trying to get (and stay) organized and finding the balance between the “study” and “abroad” parts of study abroad. School is actually important – and 2017 is OUR YEAR!

new year's - study

More gifs.

Who doesn’t love gifs?

new year's

More scholarships!

We’re still giving away $100 EVERY month (apply here), and ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT: we’re starting a monthly instagram contest in 2017! Check out our events page for all the deets and keep an eye out for more announcements on our instagram – @team.rakbo

new year's - scholarship

Do you have any study abroad related New Year’s resolutions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Angela is a writer, traveller and human being from Chicago, IL. After attending school at Loyola University and working in the world of experiential marketing (where she did wacky things like crane cars onto roofs, ride in the Batmobile and pal around with famous dogs) she started writing and traveling full time. Traveling to a different city every month, she spends her days going to museums, meeting locals and searching for the best tacos the world has to offer.

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