Questions I Ask Myself When Abroad

No matter how many times I travel or how many places I go, I always find myself asking new questions about the customs and culture of where I am. Of course, it’s not only me asking these questions. A lot of people do, and should, ask questions about the places they’re traveling to. Sometimes I ask the Internet, sometimes I ask the locals or natives once I get there, but more often than not, I find myself asking my own self these questions.

And even though I might not always give my brain the correct answers, a good laugh works wonders when you’ve just gotten off a long flight, and you’re feeling a bit tired, flustered, but still very much excited, too. Here are 34 questions I always ask myself while traveling outside the good, ol’ USA.

  1. Just landed, woo! Oh, no… can people tell I’m American?
  2. …they know I’m American, don’t they?
  3. Stay calm, don’t say a word, hide your passport. I wonder if I’ll need this again?
  4. Do they take other forms of ID here?
  5. Ugh, I forgot to take some cash out. Should I just use my card?
  6. Or go to an ATM?
  7. I wonder if the water is okay to drink? It probably is.
  8. For goodness sake, can I get water that isn’t sparkling anywhere around here?
  9. Should I try to ask for something in the local language?
  10. Or just stick with English?
  11. Oh god, they can tell I’m American, can’t they?
  12. I wonder if I could pass for Canadian instead?
  13. Am I being too loud?
  14. Why does everyone walk so slow?
  15. Or am I just walking too fast?
  16. Great, there’s a metro sign. Seems easy. It should take me no time to get to my Airbnb, right?
  17. Crap, I’m lost. Where am I?
  18. What did I do wrong?
  19. How do I get back to the central station?
  20. I wonder why it doesn’t smell as bad in this train station as it does in New York?
  21. Oh shoot, did I have to validate my ticket beforehand?
  22. Or do they use the honor system here?
  23. Oh god, what if I end up in jail?
  24. I need food. Where is the nearest option?
  25. And more importantly, where is the cheapest option?
  26. Crap, I still don’t have cash. Will they take my card?
  27. Is coffee served with milk and sugar here?
  28. Or do I have to ask for that specifically?
  29. Is the standard of milk simply ‘whole’ here?
  30. Oh, I forgot, my phone doesn’t work. It feels kind of nice, though, doesn’t it?
  31. …but where’s the nearest WiFi hotspot?
  32. Should I buy a SIM card instead?
  33. Nah, I’ll just go with it. It can’t be too hard to navigate around here, right?
  34. I haven’t called back home yet. I wonder if my mom thinks I’m dead?

What are some funny questions you always ask yourself when you’re traveling? Let us know in the comments below. 



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Diana Figueroa

Diana Figueroa is a NYC native and graduate of Fordham University, where she graduated with a degree in Communications, concentrating in journalism and creative writing. She is currently pursuing freelance writing projects and recently launched her own website,, dedicated to her passion for travel and her life in the Big Apple. She is off to pursue her Master's degree in Berlin, Germany at the end of this year. You can find her on route to the next music festival or curing her wanderlust as she plans her next adventure abroad. Feel the fernweh at @dianadoesntknow for photos.


  1. Ahaha good article. I feel you, new questions everyday !
    Example of me yesterday:

    1) Oh is it really mother’s day in Italy today?
    *looking on social medias*
    2) Wait… it actually seems mother’s day everywhere ! Crap, how come I forgot???
    3) What? My Iphone is telling me that mother’s day is May 28th in France…
    4) Ok, let’s just call mum to find out.

    Final question of the day: WHY? Why we don’t celebrate it on May 14th like everyone else in France?

  2. Truer words have never been spoken…or questions asked haha. Sums up my travels so far, this is my daily dilemma
    ~~I can ask in Chinese… should I though? What if they can’t understand me? What if its so bad, they’re insulted? Ah! They understand, YES! NOOooooo, what did he say back?! Sir, please! WAIT! WHERE AM I GOING?! PLEEEAAASSEE WAIT!

  3. Oh my god, #8 about sparkling water cracked me up! No where in Sweden seemed to sell flavoured water that wasn’t sparkling, but I forgot EVERY TIME. I must have accidentally bought like 20 bottles of sparkling water during my stay. It’s gross, why does anywhere sell it?! Ugh!

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