Best Places To Visit In Germany During Summer

Somehow summer has a worldwide association with beaches, waves and palms. But what is there to do if you are spending your whole summer in a country like Germany, where none of those things exist? Well, I do have an answer – be infinitely grateful, ‘cause there is so much to do that you can’t even imagine (and waves and beaches will never leave you, so just give that kind of summer a rest).

So, you came to Germany for half a year and you are lucky enough to have three months of summer included in the ‘pack’. Fortunately, Germany has a lot to offer you. From landscapes and high mountains to beautiful castles and powerful factories. All and more in one authentic country.

The first thing you should do is identify your area of interests, and I am here to help you sort it out. These may be: nature and landscape seeing; discovering big cities and enjoying the urbanism of German life; sightseeing and history learning; or attempts to understand the grounds of German powerful economic performance. As soon as you come up with what is essential and most interesting for you, start to plan the summer which will definitely be unforgettable and impressive.

Here is what you can do:


Best Places To Visit In Germany During Summer Landscape

  1. Rhododendron Park Kromlau, which is home to the Rakotzbrucke. The Rakotzbruche, known worldwide as Devil’s Bridge, is a beautiful bridge which was built in the middle of 19th century. The specific feature of the bridge is that, together with its reflection in the calm lake waters, it creates the form of a circle. Tons of legends for mystery lovers are also included in the story of this bridge.
  2. Saxon Switzerland. A national park which is located close to Dresden. Even though this part of Germany is supposed to be almost flat, Saxon Switzerland is a hilly climbing area ideal for mountain lovers who live in the North of Germany and do not have enough free time to travel to the Bavarian Alps. Moreover, it really is a place of unbelievable beauty shown through landscapes full of hills and valleys.
  3. Bavarian Alps. A range of mountains situated in the German state of Bavaria, who’s highest peak Zugspitze is almost three-thousand meters. Here, in the summer, you can go hiking or even mountain climbing, enjoy beautiful landscapes full of forests, mountain peaks and even lakes. If you are going for a couple of days you can stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is one of the biggest towns located in the valley. Additionally, there are also some popular tourist attractions such as Neuschwanstein Castle.


Best Places To Visit In Germany During Summer Cityscape

  1. Berlin is an ideal choice in case you want to fill the power of eternal rush. Of course, it will never come close to the amount of skyscrapers that there are in, for example, New York, but places like Potsdamer Platz or Zoologischen Garten will fill you with a certain wow-feeling multiplied by unforgettable emotions.
  2. Frankfurt am Main is one of the most powerful financial centers in Western Europe. That is why it is on this list. Filled with lots of shops, impressive bridges across Main and loads of people in the streets, it will definitely steal your heart.
  3. Munich is the center of the German state of Bavaria and is one of the biggest German cities. Filled with cafes and clubs (as well as tourist attraction sights) it may be ideal for those looking for some colorful night life. In the day time there is a lot to do, too. Just pick up a map and go through all the places!


Best Places To Visit In Germany During Summer Castle

  1. Castles, castles and one more time – castles! Have you ever come across puzzles within beautiful Gothic castles? Well, that is what my childhood was full of! Most of the castles which are named the most beautiful in the world are located in Germany – which is home to thousands of them. Visiting a German castle is kind of like stepping into a fairytale, because who knows what Cinderella’s castle looked like? It may easily be as beautiful as Neuschwanstein Castle (close to Munich), Hohenzollern Castle (close to Stuttgart) or Burg Eltz Castle (close to Stuttgart) or any other. The list can be added to so much that it would take your hours to read it, so in case you are interested, make sure to check what is there close to where you are.
  2. Towns full of fachwerk (timber framed) houses. For some of us, Germany is associated with narrow pedestrian streets surrounded by medieval times houses – some of them dating back as far as the 14th century. They are also one of the symbols of Germany, so you are definitely obliged to visit them. Choose the town most suitable for you. This may be Hannover, Quiedlinburg, Wernigerode, Monschau, Erfurt and even Nuremberg (the list is, of course, not finished).
  3. German history is impressive and sometimes scary. In some extent, it may be used as a guideline of how to unite and pull together even after the hardest of times. It is also a living reminder of those hardest times and a guideline of what people should not do. All and more can be felt after visiting Reichstag building, History and GDR museums in Berlin and places like Berliner Strasse that contain information about the history of this country.


Germany offers us not only tourist sites in the most common sense of the word, but it also gives us a chance to kind of spy how to achieve such an outstanding economic performance. Or just gives us a hint on how things are done in today’s modern world. That is why hundreds of German factories and production sites offer not only museums dedicated to the history of the plants and the process of production, but even allow excursions to the heart of production.

Best Places To Visit In Germany During Summer Berlin

  1. The Autostadt. Visitors attraction dedicated to the Volkswagen Group and located close to the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. There you can find the Volkswagen museum and a number of pavilions built for automobile brands of the Group. Additionally you can go on a tour through the Volkswagen factory. There’s a reason this place is called a ‘stadt’ (that is a German word for ‘city’), because it includes dozens of newly built buildings containing cafes, shops and even a cinema! Every year the Autostadt attracts more than two-million visitors, so you definitely have to give it a visit!
  2. Mercedes-Benz Museum and production site. The Museum is located in Stuttgart and it gives its visitors the detailed information about the history of this enormous car brand. There are more than 160 vehicles presented; some dating back to the days when the motor engine was invented. You can also book a guided tour to the largest plant in the world which is Mercedes-Benz factory located in Sindelfingen. Such a tour provides people with a detailed insight into how the vehicles are manufactured nowadays.
  3. Ritter Sport factory. Is there anyone here who is not a chocolate addicted? Well, if you are the one, just don’t read on ‘cause this place is definitely for sweet-lovers! In case you can’t leave without a bar of chocolate, Ritter Sport plant and museum located in Waldenbuch is a must-see. Although they do not allow tours into production process itself (due to sanitation rules), you can fully see everything in their museum. Moreover, there is the best Ritter-Sport shop with chocolates of all shapes and colors!

Honestly, all the lists can be prolonged more and more which means that it is hard to explain how indeed unique and interesting Germany is. Wherever you are in this country, there are hundreds things to do and places to visit, just make sure to discover them.

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  1. Cool read ! Before having German friends, I wasn’t interested in Germany at all (I don’t even know why). Then I went to Germany to visit them and I realized it’s a pretty cool country ! I will definitely go back to see Berlin, Munich and the nature such as Rhododendron Park Kromlau . 🙂

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