The Perks Of Traveling With An Organised Tour Group

Many people are advocates for solo travel, turned off by the idea of being shuttled from one place to another with a set itinerary and a guide. However, don’t be too quick to rule out organised tours, particularly if you are young or new to travel, as they offer additional perks that you just don’t get travelling solo. Think fun and stress-free, and read to find out why organised tours are a great travel option.

Opportunities to make lasting friendships:

Most tours last anywhere from a week to a month, with groups of 10-40 people, that share your same passion for travel and adventure. Because of this, you’ll be able to find your own little ‘wolf-pack’ to spend your days with made up of people that you really click with.

traveling with an organised tour group best friends

Sure, you can argue that you can still make friends while travelling on your own, especially at hostels. But, these friendships are often short lived compared to the potential to make longer lasting friendships while on a tour. Tour friendships are more likely to last as you have more time to get to know one another, not to mention share experiences and create memories together, including fun days and nights out, new food experiences and other social activities.

Ability to relax with pre-organised travel and itinerary:

Pick a tour that suits your style and available dates, organise how you will get to the starting destination and then relax. The rest is all taken care of with an organised group!

traveling with an organised tour group relax

Isn’t that wonderful? No need to worry about where to stay, how to figure out local transport systems or how to get to the next destination, even some of your meals will be organised for you. All tour companies aim to make your travel feel seamless and effortless; they know the best places to go and have most of the answers to your questions, saving you extra time of planning and researching. Tours are packed with long days of exploring, or big nights out, and you can really embrace this aspect of the tour knowing you have plenty of time to relax on the bus to the next destination.

Plenty of time to see the main sites:

We all want to see the top sights that make a place famous. I mean can you really say you’ve been to Paris without seeing the Eifel Tower? Or Rome without exploring the Colosseum? Remember that professionals create the itineraries for organised tours, so you can trust that you’ll see the main attractions, along with extra time to explore other sights too.

traveling with an organised tour group colosseum
Rome’s momentous Colosseum.

Don’t be misguided by the sound of a ‘set itinerary’ and think you won’t have much free time because you do. Often, you’ll be taken to the city centre and given a walking tour so that you can the biggest attractions first. Then typically, you’ll have free time to do whatever you want, and you also have the chance to spend quality time at the main attractions too, if you desire.

Inside knowledge and unique experiences:

Want to know the best restaurants to eat at, learn about the history of the city you’re in or find some secret, hidden gems? Then, just ask your guides who are knowledgeable and familiar with the area already. Tour guides are the best way to gain insider information; they will often give you tips on what to look out for, or places the locals like to go.

Travel companies and guides also have connections that can have you feeling like a VIP in your new city. With these perks, you may find yourself skipping long queues at attractions, having a planned dinner at a fancy restaurant sorted out or gaining passes to shows and participating in other awesome activities that you couldn’t have gotten solo.

traveling with an organised tour group Kevin

Increased safety and security:

When you’re travelling and things go wrong, it’s extremely stressful, especially if you need to make new arrangements and don’t speak the local language or know the area well. A tour provides added security and comfort, knowing that you’re not alone and that your guide will be able to assist you with any problems you may face along the way.

Again, your guides will be knowledgeable of the cities you visit and can give you advice such as dangerous areas to avoid, and other precautions you should take to maximize your safety. If you are new to travelling, having this security and advice is priceless.

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Eliza Velk

From Sydney Australia, Eliza Velk is a Marketing and Media student studying at Macquarie University. She spent 5 months abroad doing a semester in Leeds, England and developed a serious passion for travel as she ventured to 15 different countries during that time. She enjoys beautiful scenery and good food, and still thinks snow is a novelty.


  1. I love the idea of having a stress free experience. Although it is sometimes rather expensive for some of these planned tours, so doing research on them is a good idea. Great post!

  2. While solo travelling is nice, there are ties we need to travel with the group especially in places we are not familiar to save time and effort. With an organized tour group, we can maximize our time because the itinerary is clear and planned ahead of time for everyone’s convenience and enjoyment.

  3. I love a group tour, I did two in the States and they were my first proper travelling trips. They gave me not only the travel bug but life-long friends – four years later and I’m still regularly travelling with one of them.

  4. Hi, we usually travel as a family, but I agree if you are alone or short on time then organized your are great choice. I tried couple of time when we had a shortbread stop over we prefer hop off hop on bus or organize cars tour for sight seeing .

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