The 5 Types Of People In Every Travel Group

When it comes to traveling in a group, whether it’s with friends or strangers, you’ll find everyone contributes by taking on a certain role. These are the most common personalities you’re likely to find in every travel group. Which one are you?

The organizer:

The organizer typically takes charge of the directions, makes the hotel arrangements and is always aware of the time; making sure you never miss any important bookings. They often appear to be the wise one of the group, behaving sensibly to ensure everything goes smoothly. In all honesty, the rest of us are often grateful to this person as very little would be achieved without someone organizing the pack.

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The one who’s up for anything:

Making the most of your time away is what this person is all about. They will say yes to just about anything; a party, an adventure, or any form of activity really. Their positive attitude is contagious, making it easy for them to convince the group to do something wild and fun. And it is these activities that often become the most memorable of the trip and make for a great story.

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The foodie:

One of the best things about travelling is trying all the amazing local foods and there’s no doubt that there will be a foodie in the group that is all over it! From pizza and gelato in Rome to Trdelník in Prague, they have likely sussed out the best places to go and are already planning where the group will eat next.

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The one that goes with the flow:

This person doesn’t mind what activities the group decides to do, they are simply happy to be exploring a new place. They go on holidays to relax and enjoy simply taking in their surroundings. Hence, they will gladly let the others in the group deal with the stress of organizing things or deciding what to do, as they just go along with the majority vote.
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The photographer:

You know those typical tourist photos you have to get in certain cities, like pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Well, the person that takes on the role of the photographer is all about that, and they won’t stop until they get the perfect shot. Aside from that, being in a new city is exciting. So of course, absolutely everything becomes ‘photo-worthy’ to them.

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The best thing is; when these personalities combine it often makes a really great group and an unforgettable travel adventure!

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  1. I am definitely the organiser! I have pages upon pages of Google Docs for all my trips – I even made a Powerpoint presentation for my friends to choose a hostel for our trip to Budapest haha!

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