How To Pack For Two Different Adventures: Summer And Winter Edition

Recently I went on two back-to-back girls trips: one dancing at Splendour In The Grass (think belly chains and short shorts) and one shopping in wintery Melbourne (think big coats and gloves). Starting to pack, it seriously felt like the only solution would be to take two totally different suitcases. Coats for one, gumboots and daisy dukes for the other. Necessity being the mother of invention however, I got everything down to one handy wheelie bag.

Your multipurpose heroes:

  • Short skirts/shorts in winter fabrics. Think your velvet miniskirts and suede shorts. Totally appropriate summer wear on their own; also totally appropriate layers with stocking and knee-high boots in winter time.
  • Layers on layers on layers. I’m talking scarves, t-shirts and long socks. T-shirts that work as an outfit when paired with your shorts or skirt also work as an under layer in cold weather and never underestimate the power of one more layer to keep you toasty. Scarves that I wore as a tie-up top for festivals were bundled around my neck or worn as shawls come Melbourne.
  • Cut-out ankle boots. Somehow the cuts down the sides (or all over) make them cool enough for summer wear, but they still work with over-the-knee socks or stockings in colder weather.
  • For festivals in particular, I often swap these out for gumboots: for durable for dancing in muddy grass, and if you get a tall black pair, they’re still city and snow appropriate for winter wandering.
  • Light, windproof jacket. Be it your old faded denim, your trusty satin bomber or simply a plain raincoat. When it comes to winter weather, it’s the wind that really gets to you. These jackets are light enough to be tied around your hips in summer and thrown on when it’s cooler in the evening, but still provide that crucial wind protection whether it’s howling down Melbourne alleys or at the top of a mountain after a hike.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses. The sun is always ready to be a menace, even in winter weather. Sunglasses also offer your eyes some extra protection from the wind.

Pack Summer Winter Edition

Your summer heroes:

  • Loose weave fabrics. Cotton, chiffon, linen. They pack down to nothing, don’t hold onto sweat and let you breathe.
  • Quality thongs, eg. Birkenstocks. Any summer trip I’ve been on without quality thongs, I’ve regretted it. The extra structure to a pair of Birkies means you can legitimately wear them all day without getting sore/dirty feet and something about summer just demands that kind of easy, open shoe. They also pack flat and can be worn around the hotel room in any climate.

Pack Summer Winter Edition

Your winter heroes:

  • Wool (or a comparable alternative like thick jersey if you’re vegan). Seriously. The difference between thick wool stockings and your usual nylon ones in warmth is massive. Same goes for beanies, gloves and scarves.
  • Leather and suede jackets (again, a high quality substitute also works). They’re much easier to pack and easier to move in than a bulky coat, but due to the way they hug your skin and hold warmth, will give you just as much relief from the cold. The ultimate is a black shearling style bomber: maximum warmth and looks good with just about anything.

Pack Summer Winter Edition

So get packing and don’t let the weather get you down!

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