The Most Momentous Attractions In Dublin

The quote “the more you eat, the more you drink” was told to my friend by a waiter at the first restaurant we went to in Dublin. Her plate was stacked full of food – so much so that it honestly would have been enough food to feed both of us, twice! This is expected at most restaurants in Dublin. The cost may seem high; however, the amount of food on the plate is so worth the extra cost.

The structure of Dublin is a little bit different than other European cities. I found it easier to explore Dublin by foot. Most of the main tourist attractions are all in the city centre within walking distance of each other. These attractions include: the Wishing Hand monument, St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Molly Malone Statue, the Spire and Trinity College. Trinity College was breathtaking, the intricate details of the architecture combined with the vibrant green grass makes for the perfect Irish view.

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Christ Church Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. The basement is a medieval crypt that is well preserved. The Church displays a mummified cat and rat who got stuck in an old organ for so long that they mummified. Dublin Castle is in the city centre, which is rare but very convenient. I chose to do a guided tour because the tour is the only way to see the whole castle.

Momentous Attractions Rakbo Dublin

The Guinness Storehouse was absolutely my highlight of Dublin. The entry fee was €14 for the tour starting at 9:30am. This seemed expensive when booking the tour online, but after seeing Guinness, I would pay double if I had to. The factory is complete with seven floors that are all included in the price of the tour. It is a self-guided tour, which allows each person to spend as much time as they need on each floor. The first floor explains how beer is made and the basics of beer, such what a hop is, how beer is fermented, etc.

The third-floor features Guinness advertisements throughout the years to show how Guinness has evolved throughout the years. On this floor, there is a photo booth where you can put yourself into a Guinness advert; be weary though, I am only 5’4” so the photo only showed my forehead (not my best look).

The fourth floor has the Tasting Room which is a once in a lifetime experience. Everyone is guided through a black hallway and then into a bright white room. This is meant to shock the senses and, to be honset, it is quite successful. Once you’re in the room, a sample of Guinness about 1oz large is given to everyone. I cannot put into words how much better Guinness is at the storehouse then it is in bars. I had heard this rumor before going to Dublin but I always brushed it aside because “it’s still Guinness, it can’t be that much better!” I was wrong. It is served so cold and is much smoother and less bitter. I don’t know how this works but it’s true.

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The seventh floor is the end of the tour where each person is given a free pint (or soft drink). The room is circular with floor-to-ceiling glass windows to give a great view of the city.

Dublin is one of my favourite cities I have ever visited. The combination of the food, the people, and the experiences makes the city so welcoming to visitors. All of the Irish people I met were so friendly and willing to help. It has a large drinking culture, so be prepared to wake up with headaches and have no regrets about it.

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