Things We Love Most About Coming Home From Travel

Adventures, meeting new people, exotic food, a new phrase or two and a breather from reality… those are a few reasons why we love to travel. But what about coming home after traveling? We have a list for that, too, and they are…

  • Mum’s cooking.

There was a point during my study abroad experience where I ate nothing but my leftover pizza and nutella, and I had no clue how I was even able to eat that. Maybe it’s a college student thing? I also Skyped with my mum so she could teach me how to cook food the way she makes it for me and my sister but, despite training, I still couldn’t make it the way she made it. Neither the salt nor pepper I added made it taste anything like hers. My mum’s kitchen may not be a 5-star restaurant, but there’s something about all mother’s cooking that we just love. Exotic food is great, but nothing feels better than coming back home after an awesome time in France, entering the house and smelling mum’s homemade specialty.

coming home Rakbo food

  • Best Friends.

Despite making tons of new mates abroad, dancing to Des-pa-cito in clubs and having endless banter in your Erasmus group chat; it’s the squad back home are the ones we can’t wait to see. Didn’t you feel a tad bit jealous when you saw pictures and videos of the girls all glammed for a night out on their Instagram and Snapchat? I know I was. I love tagging them in funny memes 24/7, but I’d rather show them the funny weird memes and laugh with them like the idiots we are.

coming home Rakbo beyonce

  • Pets.

I’m talking to all the dog owners out there. The one thing that I didn’t like about studying abroad was that I wasn’t able to bring my dog. No one was there to greet me everyday when I got home or comfort me when I was hit with homesickness. There was no one for me to talk to in a baby tone and receive a cute blank stare in return. I endlessly thought  over whether my dog also thought of me, too, or if he was looking for me and wondering where I was. Coming home and seeing him jump up to greet me, tail wagging, was really nice – especially because it proved that he hadn’t forgotten about me! No one was more excited to see me than my dog and I was the same with him.

coming home Rakbo dog

  • Pictures.

I may have documented my adventures abroad and shared it on my Instagram and blog, but I still have a whole lot more to share. Some pictures just aren’t meant to be posted the minute you capture them. Some are saved to be shared for a #ThrowbackThursday or days when you’re feeling nostalgic. Like everyone else who’s just finished your study abroad experience, my feed won’t look to dry once I get back to my mundane life, because I have the throwback pictures to look forward to.

  • Speaking in my mother tongue.

For those of you who opted to study in a country that speaks a different language to yours, you know what I’m on about. It felt refreshing to be able to speak my mother tongue again. It was hard composing some words at the start because there was no one I could speak Filipino to in France, but it didn’t take long till I was telling the aunties and uncles about experience abroad.

At least when I’m speaking my native language, I don’t have to pause and conjugate verbs. I wasn’t worried if I would make a mistake with my grammar because it’s my mother tongue and I can speak it with confidence – just like Khaleesi down there.

coming home Rakbo mother tongue



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