Make Ljubljana Your New Summer Lover

Single and not ready to mingle? Perhaps it’s time to fall in love with something else and Ljubljana might just be your new summer lover without the full-time commitment. This Slovenian capital will entrace your senses and leave you feeling head over heels for all that it has to offer. Sometimes, all we need is a change of place to see that even if we don’t have a significant other, we can still feel whole.

Even though it is the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana is one of the safest urban places in Europe. It is small, covered with green surfaces and surrounded by the loveliest of people. But what are the things that will make you fall for this marvelous city? Well, be warned! They might sound like the characteristics of your new summer lover…


Art is sexy! And in this city you will find everything from classical and contemporary art, all the way through to the unusual (but ultimately cool) subart squat station, Metelkova city. Metelkova is a place where you can party your heart out! You can ware your feet out in one of Metelkova’s many clubs, which boast all kinds of music and scenes. Just like the rest of Ljubljana, Metelkova is also LGBTQA friendly. The whole Metelkova street is covered with graffiti and other forms of art, but it’s not the only artisic spot in town! You can also find another art infused place not far away on Trubarjeva street, called Tovarna Rog.

Ljubljana Rakbo Metelkova
Metelkova station, one of Europe’s most successful urban squats.

If you are more into sophisticated dates, you can dive into this love affair through hours of fawning over cool museums like Museum of Illusions, House of Experiments (if you’re more into physics) or other, more classical, museums.

You can also bathe yourself in literature while seated in the Zvezda park or in the House of Dreaming Books. Just a short stroll away, you can find your cosy second home in the time cafe Ziferblat, where you can easily find someone to (finally!) understand your humor and play a round of Cards Against Humanity with. Or, if you want some down tip, just sip on some tea and melt in with the couch (it can be counted as cuddling…).

Ljubljana Rakbo Ziferblat.
Rest and stop for a coffee at Ziferblat.


Ljubljana was the green capital of Europe in 2016. The streets are clean, green and there is not a single street where you can’t find a recycling station. The city has a system of public transport called LPP and you can easily get from one part of the city to another in no time. The place is constantly improving.

In the past couple of years, the city’s center was renovated numerous times to make it greener by preventing lots of traffic and making itself more pedestrian friendly. Ljubljana’s marriage to the environment will leave you feeling calm and unbothered while strolling through the center’s streets and corners.

Ljubljana Rakbo library
A library under some trees.


But, don’t worry! There’s plenty of places where you can cool yourself down. Not only has Ljubljana got its own weather area (aka a small spot in the middle of the main square where it rains constantly) where you can go for some cooler temperatures, but you can also enjoy your day in the shadows of the trees in the park, Tivoli. There are multiple pathways around the park and to the small hills inside the park, where people often spend their time making small picnics, playing instruments and doing yoga. If Ljubljana is still too hot for you, you can always take a train or a bus and get to lake Bled in about 45 minutes for a smoothing dip.

Ljubljana Rakbo Prešeren's square
Welcome to Prešeren’s square.


Did you know that a country as small as Slovenia has 24 culinary regions? The best part is that you can get a taste of them all in Ljubljana. Imagine sitting in a restaurant or cafe right beside the river Ljubljanica, sipping on a glass of local wine, while eating a delicious meal. Don’t worry, there is also ALWAYS something for those who are a bit short of change! Every Friday, from May until the end of September, there is an event called Open Kitchen. It is basically a market where marketholders from each stand lower the prices of their menus for the occasion – even those that are the best food and drink providers in the area! Ain’t that sweet! You can even satisfy your sweet tooth in Ljubljanica with Ljubljana’s best confectionery, Cacao.

There’s plenty of food for you at Open Kitchen markets!

The saying ‘I feel SLOVEnia’ is hundred percent true, because you will definitely feel love if you decide to visit Ljubljana. But what is a summer lover without some mystery! Come and meet Ljubljana yourself!





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