Living With Roommates Doesn’t Have To Be A Disaster!

Roommates. Sometimes we don’t want to deal with them, while other times they become our best friends. What is it about going abroad that gets us worrying about our new roommates? Are they going to be nice? What if its only guys… and what if they don’t clean? Forget all of this. Room – mates should be become our mates!

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Take initiative and get to know the people you live with. What better way to this by just doing things together?

There are a lot of things and activities roommates could do together to either get to know each other or just spend some time together as… yes, here it comes… FRIENDS! Most of the time, roommates become very good friends because they share a lot of experiences in very short time period.

In order to become friends, you have to do things with and for each other. Even if your roommate does not seem like a person you would usually hang out with, go out and do stuff. Here is a list of ten super easy things you can do together. The only this you have to say is: “Hi, do you feel like…”

  1. “…going to the beach?”
  2. “…going hiking?”
  3. “…going shopping?”
  4. “…having lunch or drinks?”
  5. “…going to a party?”
  6. “…doing groceries together?”
  7. “…cleaning the house together?”
  8. “…watching a movie or Netflix series together?”
  9. “…cooking dinner together?”
  10. “…studying together?”

These super normal and daily activities are things you would normally do alone or with your friends at home, right? Now get out of your comfy room, make friends with your roommates and go discover this new country your living in. After hanging out a couple of times, you’ll start to like and feel comfortable around each other. Even if it turns out this person is not your cup of tea, you still had a great day. Just go out and try!

Team up with other apartments or dooms and organize fun stuff as a group!

The cool thing about studying abroad is that there are other international students at your university too! What could be better than getting to know others and hang out while doing awesome stuff?

What I did with my roommates is organizing weekly dinners with other houses. Every week we had dinner at another house. The people living there would cook for us and that is how we also spent a nice evening together during the weekdays. The next week, we would switch houses and have dinner at ours.

This way you can get to know and bond with your roommates while doing groceries, thinking about the next meal, and during cooking! This is a very nice thing to do – especially during the beginning of your time abroad. It helps you to meet new people, learn how to prepare new dishes and you simply become friends with your roommates! Try it; I had a great time doing this with my roommates and it is a nice way to spend a lazy Wednesday night!

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For all the mysophobic’s and cod’s among us!

This is probably our biggest fear – hygiene and cleaning the house. You are the one doing all the cleaning in the house while you live together with others. This is what is one of the most annoying and frustrating things that can happen and trust me when I tell you I know all about it. You’ll be pissed off and grumpy the entire time and small and unimportant things your roommates do will start annoying you like crazy.

Everyone will start buying everything for themselves, even toilet paper. This makes no sense when you live in the same house. You should be the first to stop this childish behaviour and take the lead. How can you solve this problem? MAKE A LIST WITH TASKS!!! This is key – you have to make good arrangement about things around the house.

Sit down with your roomies and write a list with all the tasks that should be done around the house. This is beneficial and fair and everyone should make a small contribution in the house that they live in. Make a weekly schedule that states who cleans the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway, who will do the dishes, etc.

It is really not that hard just make good arrangements and try to keep them. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t vacuum clean once, just let the rest know. You are mates now and you will help each other out just show your willingness and everything will be good.

If nothing works out just do your thing. Do not bother anyone, clean your own stuff and take the others into account as much as you can. You don’t have to be friends or good with everyone but keep in mind that you live with these people and the last you want is to fight with them. If that means that you’ll have to wash 1 or 2 dishes more, so be it.

Just let other be and have your own awesome time abroad. It is not then end of the world if your roommates don’t become your mates just have your own awesome time!

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