5 Things To Know Before Visiting London

London, home of (a now silent) Big Ben, double-decker buses and Queen Elizabeth II is one of those places that you can live in your whole life and still find quirky new things to do every weekend. With that in mind, here are our top five things to know about visiting London before making the journey over!


It may sound strange in a city as expensive as London, but one of the costliest things about the capital is its public transportation. With buses priced at £1.50 per journey and trains costing upwards from there, it is easy to see just how much of a dent this can make in the budget! Our advice? Get a bike. The cycle superhighway is relatively expansive and, with the traffic in and around the city centre, it is usually quicker to cycle anyway!


Anyone who says the weather is “honestly not that bad” is just straight up delusional. London is as temperamental as it gets. A nice summer’s day can easily boast a winter rainstorm by midday, a autumnal icy chill by mid-afternoon and then a pleasant, cardigan-wearing evening. Thankfully, the city is as prepared as most tourists are underprepared, with a great range of activities for all weather conditions from open rooftop bars and theatres to heated museums and galleries – you just must take advantage of them! And pack a coat. In fact, never forget a coat… and possibly a small umbrella if you are carrying a bag!

Escape the hustle and bustle:

Cities – especially capital cities – are fantastic, with something to do nearly all the time. But, every so often, you need some peace and quiet. Thankfully, London has you covered. From Hyde Park and St. James’ Park in the city centre, to Richmond Park with its 600 deer or even Greenwich Park out east, there are some fantastic green spaces to visit for a daytime getaway!

Regional markets and foods:

One of the best things about London’s diversity is in the food. Thankfully, with all the different cultures on show in the city, there is always an amazing authentic restaurant to match any culture and, with that, comes their partner markets in the South London district of Tooting. Fancy some amazing spices? The Tooting Markets have got you covered! It all makes a trip down to the local Sainsbury’s a bit too mundane now…

Finally, there is always something to do:

Anyone who says that they are bored in London is just not looking in the right places – there is literally something for everyone. From ice skating to horse riding and the thousands of new events that come to the capital every month, there is no excuse to get stuck in a rut. So, what are you waiting for? Go find something new to do. Just don’t forget your jacket, as it will probably rain later.

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Alex is a student at the University of Edinburgh currently studying abroad at the University of Mississippi. Originally from Spain, Alex found the cold weather of London and Edinburgh too much to handle so escaped to the American South to get back to sunning himself by the pool. A travel aficionado and complete coffee addict, Alex hopes to get into teaching history at international schools when he's older, using their exotic locations and long holidays as bases from which to further explore the world. Often found with a camera in-hand, you can follow him on his travels on instagram as well as on his blog

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