How To Keep Your Language Skills Fresh After Returning Home

When moving back to one’s home country from living abroad it is especially hard to even maintain the foreign language skills, not to mention improve them. I have been struggling with this issue and here are some tips I think might be useful!

Go to Language Classes.

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The best way is of course to take classes of the language you want to learn. If it is possible, enroll into language classes in your university or try to find some classes organised during the evenings.

Find and Meet International People.

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To maintain your skills even in English you need to use the language. In Finland we hear English all the time from television, but in the countries where every series is dubbed it is harder to hear English. I would suggest to find international students and try to go to their events. It is a great way to meet new people and have fun at the same time. And of course to mingle in English! Make some friends out of them, the often tend to be interested in being friends with locals.

Find a Tandem Partner.

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When it comes to rarer languages, you have to put more effort to learning them. Tandem partner is a person who is interested in learning a one language you can teach for him/her and in response she/he can teach language for you. This requires lots of dedication because you need to schedule your learning by yourself. And of course meetings with your tandem partner! You can also share some things about the cultures of your countries!


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You can of course try to learn by yourself. Go to library and read children books in the language you want to learn. Or adult books if you are already advanced. Find some series or music! Internet is a useful tool also when learning languages!

In every situation, we need to remember that everyone is a different type of learner. Some people learn the best when they read, some people learn when they hear the language. Anyway, it might be frustrating that someone else do learn faster than you. Then, just keep yourself motivated and do your best!

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I am an undergraduate student from Finland. I am studying in University of Tampere, but currently doing my exchange in Austria, in the city called Graz. I am majoring in lifelong learning and education and my-long term goal is to work internationally on a filed of education.

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