Joining A Sport Team Abroad

With your arrival abroad, this new life beginning and your study, you didn’t think about joining a sport team? Then you should! I’m in Italy for one year and I’m part of a basketball team since September. I testify to show you that joining a sport team abroad is worth it!

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I’ve played basketball for several years before so it was good to rediscover it abroad. It felt known and new at the same time. It is the same sport but the words, the way to play (and so on) aren’t necessarily similar. I joined the team few days before the back-to-school and it was great because meeting some girls with the same hobby saved myself stress before starting school.


First of all, why a team sport? Because the team spirit is what you need when arriving alone abroad. I didn’t even have the time to fit in that I was already a part of something. At first, it is a little weird to join a team that has been playing together for years but step by step I’ve found my place as a teammate inside and outside the basketball court. When you got the team spirit, you keep it! Winning and losing as a team cannot be compared to winning and losing alone. The team-building brings us closer. I know now that if it goes wrong at school or during my exchange, I have great girls to count on.

Also, almost none of them go to the same school as me so it permitted me to get to know more people surrounding!

Before and after training or the games, there is the “locker room time” wherein we talk about anything: TV, gossip, school… always having a laugh! However, during the training it’s pretty serious: if we don’t focus enough, watch out for the coach to get mad. It’s the right time to give it all and then to relax: Therapeutic combo! PERFECT to forget what’s bothering me.


If the training doesn’t finish too late, why not studying after? As Sports Health says, “The hormone epinephrine, stimulated by exercise, increases your awareness and therefore your ability to concentrate.” While you think it’s just going to make you late on your homework, it may instead make you study more effectively! Most of the time after training I read, I write, I finish homework, etc. And of course working out is healthy! I eat so much here that I’m happy to have a weekly dose of sport to stay fit.


The trainings and games give its tempo to my week such as school and keep me “busy” so when I get home, I don’t have the time to be bored and to miss my home-country. Time flies when you’re busy and you’re having fun but it’s better this way. I’ll go back to my home-country with lots of memories and strong friendships. Plus, I’ll know that I’ve really fit in and lived as a typical Italian student (which is one of the goals).

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Ondine Romanini

Ondine is a 17 year-old student currently in Italy for one year. She was born in Paris and raised in Challans (western part of France). Since her father is half Italian and her mother has traveled a lot, she has always enjoyed traveling. She discovered her will to study abroad during the visit of an American High School while being on vacation in the US at 14. When she was 15, she had been an exchange student in Australia for 2 months. Back home, she decided to go for it again in Italy. She would like to go to uni abroad and study Communication Science. Ondine has a youtube channel : " Ondine quand ? " in which she talks about her experiences (in English).

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