4 Must-Have Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products

If you ever have to enter a Japanese drugstore, I guarantee that you will feel like you’ve entered a different world. The product variety is one big amazement and every time I’ve found myself inside one, I realize that I could easily spend hours just looking at their offers, or trying to figure out what it actually is used for, because sometimes it´s not that obvious. But when I asked some friends which products they loved, I was able to try some, and these are the ones most of us swear by now. They make your days in summer and your evenings after lot of walking (traveling, working, and conquering the world) a lot easier, so I hope you can enjoy them as much as I have!

  1. Soap Wipes.

These specific soap wipes are wonderful for the hot and humid Tokyo summer! You will see many people outside stopping and refreshing themselves with these, because literally. Everyone. Is. Sweating.

Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products Rakbo wipes

Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products Rakbo soap

  1. Sweat pads.

And since everyone sweats, someone had the lovely idea to invent these magic cotton pads: You can patch these cotton stickers inside your clothes to prevent sweat stains, too.

Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products Rakbo sweat

  1. Face Masks.

It took me a while to figure out what treasures were hiding inside these fancy packages.  Face masks are very common in Japan, and girls wear them often, even every morning and night. But these are for everyone to wear and would make a great gift to bring back home, wouldn’t it?

Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products Rakbo

  1. Eye Masks.

These are also other types of masks, but this time, specifically for eyes. The best thing about them is when you put them on because they are warm. I learned to love Japan´s heat technology especially in winter, when they would sell heating and wind-proof clothes, but you will thank those warm eye masks, too. If you are mostly on your laptop or reading in the library like me for the whole day while studying, these masks take off the pressure of your day in just 15 minutes. Your eyes will thank you!

Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products Rakbo eyemask

  1. Feet Sheets.

These were introduced to me after my friend went up in to the mountains for some exploration. She had been walking all day long for 4 days, but still managed to feel as energetic as ever when she used these sheets that can be attached to the soles of your feet. Originally, they were meant for women who wore heels and needed the well-deserved relaxation in the evenings, but today, anyone can use them. Not only does it have the that notorious heat technology again, but you will feel so rejuvenated after using them – and also all the readier to climb another mountain the next day!

Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products Rakbo footgaurd

Heard of any of these drugstore products? What are some of your favorites from the drugstores in your country of origin or study? Let us know in the comments below.

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