How To Kill Time At The Airport During Long Connecting Flights

I can’t stand long connecting flights, but then, who can? Who likes sitting in a cramped aisle seat with the person in front of you at full recline and a baby behind you that won’t stop kicking and crying? Lucky for you, I’m here to offer my remedies for these annoying situations while you’re waiting for your next flight.


One of the very first things I do when I arrive at the airport after my first flight is freshen up. My face feels dry from the cabin air, my hair feels flat, and (let’s be honest) I don’t have the freshest breath. I look worse than I do when I usually wake up in the morning from bed. With all this, you may want to do something about it; which is why you should use those free toiletries they give out during long flights or pack your own during your down time at the airport to get yourself tidied up. Also, if you’re a person who likes showers and getting ready, then why not also use the private showers that some airports have (for a fee of course) while waiting, too?


I’m 100% certain that the annoying baby did not let you sleep once while on flight number one. One thing I always look forward to when I get to the next airport is search for the lounge area so I can get my beauty sleep and snore like a beast. (Just be sure that if you do plan of doing that make sure your valuables are safe.) I guarantee that because of cramped economy class seats, your body must be sore, so definitely make use of those massage chairs around the airport as well.


If you did happen to get some sleep, your legs and entire body must be cramped. Walking around and stretching will help the blood circulate around your body. Dancers, make use of the moving walkways to stretch and practice your arabesques! Stretching can also give you some time to tire yourself out just in time for your next flight. And when you get to your seat on the plane when it finally does arrive, you can just pass out with ease.

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No one likes airplane food. Honestly, I’d rather eat McDonalds at the airport because it would be a better choice. It tastes the same in every country, doesn’t it? Nothing excites me more than eating proper food when I arrive at the airport. So order yourself a steak, a beer or even the local cuisine of the country you have a layover at and do something fun while you’re at it, like watch a local football match. Stuff yourself beforehand because once you’re on your next eight-hour flight, ironically enough, the airport terminals were your food mecca.


Yes, I’m a traveler on a budget BUT that tends to go away when I’m at the airport because all shops are duty free. Most large, international airports have loads of shops available which will give you enough time to kill while waiting for your next flight. Prices are reasonably cheap so why not buy some souvenirs for the mates back home, some munchies for the ride or a Gucci bag to treat yourself. Whatever tickles your fancy, because discounts can never make you feel bad!


If you have some work that still needs to be done (i.e., your latest Rakbo blog post if you’re contributor like me) then layover hours are the perfect time to work on past work. It’s better to get your deadlines out of the way so it won’t be stuck in the back of your mind while on your trip. If no work needs to be done, continue reading a book you neglected or re-watch a TV series that ended on a big cliffhanger (…that still counts as work, right? Work on your lifestyle).


If you have a 12-hour or longer layover, why not get out of the airport and visit the nearest city or town? Be sure you have the required visa and other documentation, or else you won’t be able to get back through passport control. Twelve hours may seem short but it’s enough to visit the more important sights of the area. Plan ahead if you do decide to go out of the airport so that you can save more time and enjoy your stop-over. It’s like having a mini-vacation within your vacation!


Anything else you do while waiting for your connecting flights? Let us know in the comments below. And safe travels to your final destination!

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