How To Improve Your English

I came to the U.S. without knowing any English.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I knew most of the English bad words, as is the case for a lot of foreigners. Since the majority of the US population looked down upon most people who utilize only these crass, crude words, I had to succumb to the new world around and learn how to speak this new and foreign language. I had no real steps I could take to achieve this. I learned English in a time where the internet was not full of online articles, guides and blogs telling you how to improve your English.

How to improve your english - i don't know what i'm doing

As I sit in front of my laptop thinking about how I began to learn English and how I got from zero all the way to writing and studying literature, the steps I took start to take shape in my head .

They speak logically, for the most part. If you go to a library or coffee shop and listen to a conversation in English, the subject, most of the time, can be grasped without a lot of effort. All that is required from you is a little understanding of people and body language. For example, if you walk to a restaurant and you know what the word “Dog” means you could, for most of the conversation, get a general understanding of what is going on. Depending on who the person is, they could be really animated while they talk, saying, “I was out running today. Two blocks from my house, our neighbor’s dog started to chase after me.” If you know what the word “chase” means and the word “run” you could put it roughly together.

Audio books were a huge help to me while learning English. Stories have always been something I find myself consuming a lot of. Stories are universal. When I first came to America I had this strangely deep feeling of isolation – I wanted to be a part of the conversations around me but my tongue had a hard time creating the sound necessary for engaging in the talks everyone else was having. In the beginning of my English-speaking journey I spent most of my time in my room listening to Audiobooks. Going through hours of just listening to how sentences were formed really help me in understanding and speaking America’s national language.

Movies are another thing you can use in your pursuit  to improve your English. The US consumes stories in such a huge quantity. And with these stories about culture; art, philosophy, language, history, learning how to speak becomes that much more pleasant. And with Netflix slowly becoming more attainable throughout the globe, it becomes that much more easier to spend several hours being lost in a narrative that is interesting to you while simultaneously helping you improve the way you engage in dialog with English speakers.

The whole world opens its mouth and talks to us – all we have to do is listen. Only through this and our effort to learn, do we ever reach understanding.  English is not always the easiest language to learn. It’s full of words that mean different things in different contexts but through my years of trying, listening, and failing, I can say that it is attainable if it is a language you would like to learn. Listen and try. Most native speakers are usually very eager and kind towards someone who is wanting to speak, wanting to be understood in writing and in speaking.

how to improve your english - you can do it

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