How To Find An On-Campus Job

An on-campus job is a great way to round out your time as a student in the US. Whether you’d like to earn a little extra spending money, or you’re just looking for valuable work experience, these jobs are a great opportunity to get involved on campus. With all of the options available when it comes to on-campus jobs, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start looking. Even though I intended to look for a job once I arrived at my college, I wasn’t able to find one until the second semester of my freshmen year. If you’re having trouble finding good on-campus employment, here are a few tips for the best ways to find a job that fits your needs and interests:

Dining and Service Jobs

The easiest job to find on campus is with the dining service, as they are always in need of additional staff. Now, when most people hear “working in the cafeteria” the first thing that comes to their mind is dishwashing. However, that’s not all you can do as a member of the dining services team—you can work as a caterer for school events, a cashier, prepare and serve food as a line cook, and more. I started working at the school’s coffee shop, for example, and now I’m a coffee master who doesn’t even drink coffee. If you’re interested in a position with the dining service, go to their office to find out what kind of positions are available, and get a general application. This is also the best way to get your social security number.

Making Your Academics Work for You

As we all know, teaching and research assistant positions are the some of the most popular jobs on campus. Most school will offer graduate students such positions upon admission. But even if you didn’t receive the full package before arriving, you can still find jobs as student ambassadors or receptionists for different departments. Also, if you’re close to one of your professors, ask them if they need some extra help doing research, grading assignments, or just housesitting when they’re on vacation. I even once helped a professor put together a website!

Ask Around

Never be afraid to ask around. I’ve gotten several jobs simply because my friends referred me. In addition, pay attention to the bulletin board around campus; you’ll be surprised at all of the different kinds of jobs people are hiring for. Most importantly, don’t forget to check your school’s admitted student website. Current job openings are usually listed somewhere under “Resources” (it may vary at different schools). You might need to fill out a short application, and if they’re interested they’ll contact you directly. Keep in mind most schools tend to do their fall hiring during the spring semester, so check the website more frequently after the holiday break for updated information.   Finally, DON’T RUSH. Adjusting to a new culture and education system takes time, and working a part time job might not be as easy as you think. As a campus employee, you could end up working up to 20 hours every week when school is in session, and 40 hours when it’s not. Be sure to have a thorough plan before you apply for any jobs. No matter how badly you need money, school-work is of equal importance; don’t be “penny-wise, pound-foolish.” image credit:

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