How To Make Studying Abroad Possible As A Low Income Student

As a low income student, I can barely make payments for school in my home country, much less school abroad! Even though I always dreamed of traveling the world, I never thought it would be available to me or other students in similar situations. However, during the Fall of 2016, my dreams came true when I was awarded a full scholarship for a program called Semester at Sea. If you want to study abroad, and can’t seem to make it happen financially, don’t fret! There are so many ways for you to travel the world too!

  1. Scholarships

As I said, the only way it was possible for me to study abroad is by receiving a full scholarship for my program. Scholarships may be awarded by the study abroad program itself, or by your home school, host school, or even third parties, such as international organizations. In some cases, you may even be able to use your scholarships for your home university to help pay for your study abroad expenses.

  1. Financial Aid

Odds are, if you are a low-income student, then you already use financial aid to help pay for school. In many cases, you can also use that financial aid to help pay for your expenses abroad as well!

  1. Work Study

For Semester at Sea, being granted work study was very competitive – almost as competitive as scholarships. Work study is a program that some universities and colleges offer that allow students to work part-time jobs, and use some of the funds from that job towards schooling.

  1. Crowd Sourcing

More and more, people are turning away from old-fashioned methods of raising money like bake sales and yard sales, and are turning to the Internet. By using websites like GoFundMe, you can tell people why you are raising money, set a goal, and share it on social media. This way, your friends and family can donate to your cause, and help your dreams become a reality.

Studying abroad is an option for every student, regardless of their financial status. The price tag with many programs may seem intimidating, but with a little creativity and pointers in the right direction, it is more than possible!

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Allyson is a junior at the University of Akron in Ohio, USA. She is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in media production with a minor in anthropology. Allyson kicked off her dream of traveling around the world with Semester at Sea during the Fall 2016 Voyage. She visited 11 countries throughout Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Some of her life goals include road-tripping the entire length of the Pan-American Highway and living on a kibbutz in Israel. Her dream career is to travel around the world making documentaries. To her, the best parts of traveling are learning new things from other people, and constantly hunting for the best cup of coffee in the entire world.

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