Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For International Students


If you’re in college, chances are you have a slew of costume parties lined up this weekend to celebrate one of America’s favorite holidays – Halloween. If you’re anything like me then you uh… still have absolutely no idea what to wear. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you’re in need of a little Halloween inspiration (or still don’t really understand what Halloween is or why America is obsessed with it) check out these costume ideas for international students.

1. Red, White and Blue

Why not lean into the “American-ness” of it all? Run to the mall to pick up an American flag tank top or a patriotic red, white and blue ensemble or borrow from your friends. I bet you already have all the fixin’s for a killer Rosie the Riveter already in your wardrobe – all it takes is a denim shirt and a red bandana!

2. Rep Your Home Country

Bring a little bit of your home country to the party! Dress up in the colors of your country’s flag or DIY an outfit inspired by their colors.

costume ideas for international students

3. Olympian

The Olympics feel like they were just yesterday, right? Recreate your home country’s Olympic uniforms and throw on a few medals to boot.

costume ideas for international students

4. Historical Icons are Cool Too!

Are you from Mexico? With a flower crown and some eyebrow pencil you can transform yourself into Freida Kahlo. Is the UK your home? Dress up as the queen (or better yet – one of her Corgis). Not only will you tap into your international roots, you’ll give your friends a little history lesson along the way as well.

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What are YOU going to be for Halloween this year?

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