How To Rock Sorority Events As An International Student

Sororities, with their specific rules and quirks, are everything the stereotypical American college experience could hope to be. From the unmissable mansions on campus to the constant stream of appreciation pictures on Instagram and t-shirts in class, they are definitely a group to get involved with as a foreign student – just be wary about being the American drinking age (21!) as drinking underage can affect your visa! So, without further ado, here is our guide to sorority events and functions as an exchange student!

Parties are fun, just be careful about having too much fun.

Yay, so you’ve just been invited to a date party. Here is where the fun really starts. Basically, as an excuse to get drunk in fancy dress, date parties are the crux of sorority life. Sorority members are generally in charge of providing alcohol for their dates, and parties tend to get a little messy thanks to everyone drinking before they arrive at the venue in order to avoid the sober monitors once they arrive (yup, sober monitors are a thing – may want to sneak in a hip-flask! – if you’re 21 of course!). While this does tend to mean that there is a very high chance of people being pulled up to standards the next day, it also guarantees a great time!

Rock Sorority Events Rakbo Event


This may sound a little shallow, but I’m fairly convinced that half of the dates people bring are because of how stunning their Instagram posts will look! With the party showing up in 90you’re your Instagram posts for the next couple of days while people finish editing their pictures, the pregame will include a lot of pictures being taken in front of ribbons and the sorority letters.

Rock Sorority Events Rakbo Beautiful

This only gets more fun as an international student as you will undoubtedly be paraded around all of your dates’ friends and introduced as the ‘foreign date’; making you the centre of attention for a fair part of the evening! Don’t kid yourself though, you love it. Smile, pose and join the horde the next morning with your pictures. At the very least you’ll make your friends from home jealous!

House saviours.

With all of that free alcohol, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you get a hall pass in terms of being able to function the next day, but that’s where sororities really come into their own. With a constant supply of food throughout the day in their houses and comfortable couches to take short power naps on during breaks throughout the day (big-up KAO and AOII for their couches!), houses are the place to be when you’re suffering from a hangover. Just be sure to get yourself an invite the day before or ask other sorority friends to ensure you have the most pampered recovery day ever!

Rock Sorority Events Rakbo KAO


So, the party is done and dusted, you’ve recovered from the hangover and collected countless new friends on Snapchat and Instagram. That leaves just one thing – t-shirts. On American campuses, it often feels as though sorority and frat tees are the unofficial uniform and, with events and sorority friends under your belt, you now have an excuse to get your hands on one and join the crowd!


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