Things To Know Before Getting A Christmas Job

It’s never to early to start looking for a job! Whether you want to earn a little extra money or make some new experiences, the Christmas holidays are (for most students) the weeks where they have the most time to try something new. So far, so good – but how do you get a job and what do you need to consider?

Number one: Make up your mind

Do you want to stay at home or go to another city, or even another country? And what is your end goal? There are tons of jobs that offer you free accommodation, food or even flights, such as working as a travel guide for young people, as an au pair or an entertainer. Those jobs can turn into a memorable experience and it’s worth a try, but they probably won’t score you much fodder for the bank. If all you really want to do is earn money, you might rather want to try working in industry, office or gastronomy jobs. Maybe you can even achieve a job as student employee in your field of study. Anyway, in the case you need money for your savings, you’ll want to keep the expenses as low as possible.

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Number two: Information is key

You want to know which companies are out there and what conditions they offer. Search via local, national and international job search engines, company registers or newspapers. If nothing pops up,  ask friends and family and think of what jobs you’ve come across when you were on holiday. Sometimes, the most amazing jobs are right in front of you. What about that huge car manufacturer in your city, your local post office or maybe one of the pubs in your neighbourhood? Only if you walk around with open eyes, you will find the best option for you.

If you want to work in another country, there can be other rules and regulations that you’ll need to consider, and maybe even other working morals. To avoid disappointments, you should be prepared. Be sure that your expectations fit those of the company and that the expenses are worth the effort. If anything is unclear, do yourself a favour: ask as many questions as you want to the company of your interest.

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Number three: Is it a match?

Not everyone fits into every job description. Therefore, you should be really honest to yourself when considering the job description, as you still want to have the most amazing holidays ever, don’t you? For instance, if you hate walking and have problems talking to strangers, you might want to reconsider taking that job as travel guide or a promoter. Otherwise, a few days of work can seem like forever. However, you will always find a job that suits your needs and most importantly your personality. Don’t force yourself into something. Maybe next year you’ll see things differently and be ready for a new job. If you feel comfortable, you will be able to do your job right.

Nevertheless, wisdom comes with experience, so now is the best time to start. Get out there and find all the jobs you never thought of before, apply and rock the stage.

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