Things To Do When Friends Visit From Your Home Country

It has been a pretty while you that you arrived in your country for your study abroad. After a proper few weeks of discovering your city and country yourself it starts to feel like home. You probably want to share literally everything with your friends from your home country!

Of course you want to give the best treatments for your friends from your home country! Here are some tips for you on how to best welcome your friends or family from your home country.

  • Be the full-time guide for them.

My friends found it a very nice experience that they did not have to do a lot of research about the city. In the end, it is like a holiday for them to visit you in another country. Usually, people have to invest a lot of time to figure out what kind of activities they want to do before they depart. They are able to skip that stressful part. You are going to be their guide, because you know every hotspot in the city!

  • Listen to their desires.

Even though you would like to show them everything you like about the city and country, it is important to listen to them as well. Maybe they do not want to see literally every single spot in the city, but preferably want to lie down on the grass for a few hours or only want to shop till they drop?

  • Take an AirBnB or hostel together.

If you are with a big group, share an AirBnB, Homestay or a hostel with each other. Although it is cheaper for you to sleep in your own room, it is a lot more fun to take an AirBnB or hostel together with your friends. In that case you are able to stay close to your beloved ones in the short time they are visiting you, plus you will get to experience that holiday feeling as well.

  • Have a great night out for one night.

If you are all a bunch of party beasts, go for it and get partying every night. If it is more or less the opposite (as in you and your friends prefer sightseeing), just go out for one night. That way, you only “waste” one day of resting in your bed (thanks to your hangover).

  • Go to your favorite restaurants.

If you did a proper job of discovering the best hotspots, including great and affordable restaurants, you know how to treat your friends the best in terms of food. Ask them what they desire for dinner and try to figure out which of your favorite restaurants will suit everyone. Go for it and recommend them some good dishes and drinks. Do not forget to make a reservation beforehand!

  • Check all the (Facebook) events.

In every big city there are events going on every night. Maybe there is a nice art event your friends would like to visit or a nice dance event in a small club? Keep an eye on the Facebook pages of your favorite clubs or organizers in your city and country, and maybe you will find something interesting you and your friends would like to visit.

  • Keep it as cheap as possible.

Your friends are probably students as well, so they probably do not have thousands of dollars in their pockets to spend. Try to keep your time together as cheap as possible. They have already invested in the flight tickets and AirBnB or hostel to see you. So it is very important to talk about their budgets, so no one will stress out about the bills they have at the end of the day.

  • Pay as a group.

Pay as little as possible separately. It costs a lot of time and energy to figure out in a restaurant itself how many euros everyone has spent AND pay the bill separately. Even the waitress won’t be happy with that idea. Currently, I am a waitress as well. Please do not pay separately in a restaurant! This is also the case when you want to pay as a group in other places. Just let one person pay for everyone and figure out how many euros everyone has to pay to each other at the end of the day. There are plenty of mobile apps which will give you an overview about all the moneys spend and how many euros everyone has to give back to each other.

  • Variation! 

If your friends are going to visit you for a couple of days, try to make every day different. Try to plan your sightseeing sessions for 1-2 days and then have a few days full of shopping. Take one day of rest as well, or else their holiday could be very exhausting.

  • Go to another city for a day.

If your friends are in your city for at least one week you could visit another city as well, just for the variation and to discover another fun city as well! Maybe it is fun to visit a small village if you study in a big city or a big city if you study in a smaller city. A city trip is something to discuss about, because it will be another investment for you and your friends as well.

  • Do not plan too much.

Although it is nice to have a solid plan when they are here, it is also cool to do some spontaneous things with your friends too. Maybe you all see a very great drink spot and sit there the whole evening. Why not? A little bit of structure is nice, but do not stress too much about the things you want to show to them.

  • Relax!

Remember to not put too much pressure on giving them the perfect experience in your city. At the end of the day, they are visiting you to see YOU. All the great things you do is a very nice extra for them. You will find your way in the city and country anyways.

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