Your Ready-To-Use Itinerary For Four Days In Stockholm

Because we knew we were going to have a four-day-long weekend, I started looking for travel ideas, or, to say it better, for cheap flights. I found some options, but I chose Stockholm for two reasons: we hadn’t visited it before (fair enough) and also the journey there costed about €45 (with a car trip to Budapest included).

Being a bit afraid of the cold weather, but attracted by the Nordic countries, we bought the tickets right away, and we waited for all of it to start. The waiting was quite long, so I had enough time to properly post it up and to find out that what I wanted to see wasn’t really the city itself. I’ll tell you why!

Stockholm lays on 14 islands, but they all belong to a 25,000-large island archipelago. This made me wonder: what’s happening on all these islands. What do they look like and how do you get there?

To answer this question, we then chose some islands we wanted to see: Grinda, Sandhamn, Vaxholm and Finnhamn. (We had a longer list, but spending too much time on the ones just mentioned made us remove the others.). We didn’t regret loosing two days in the city. The islands are truly special – their flora is blissful and the landscapes are a dream come true. You’ll see why in the photos below.

There are more options for getting to the islands (guided tours, cruises or 1-day trips), but we chose public transportation. With a 5-day pass that cost €45, we were able to use any boat that was in the public transportation fleet.

Here you can find the public transportation company.

And here you can find useful information about other archipelago activities such as hiking and island hopping.

For the remaining two days we rent bikes – we wanted to quickly arrive to different parts of the city, but also to live the real local experience. We bought a 3-day Citybikes card (which you can buy and activate at any 7-11 store), and we basically rode those bikes forever. The rule is once you took a bike from the station, you had to return it (to any other station) within three hours. The system works from 7am to 1am, and you can take the last bike at 10pm.

For the last day we decided to go to the Grona Lund amusement park (obviously!). Being in a roller coaster on the seaside and being above all those thousands of islands I already told you about (well, not all of them, but most of them!) is something worth doing when visiting Stockholm! The full ticket costs around €40, but we bought only the entrance for €6 and two roller coaster tickets for €6 each.

Some other useful stuff:

  • Try Fika: a traditional coffee which comes with some sweet deliglt (some nice fika places: (Rosendals, Drop Coffee sau Snickarbacken).
  • There are a lot of free guided tours you can take advantage of if you book in advance.
  • Visit the longest art gallery in the world – the subway.
  • Visit the National Cemetery, which is a Unesco Heritage site.

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