The Easiest Ways To Make Friends At An American University

Whether you are studying abroad, transferring, or just starting out, going to a new school can be exciting but also pretty terrifying. Figuring out your major, finding friends, and finding your niche at school can be a challenge. Before I transferred to one of the biggest universities in the United States, I moved 2,000 miles away from my friends and started my college career at a community college. There, I struggled to make friends for two years and kind of dragged my feet when it came to getting involved. It was not until I transferred that I finally found a great group of friends to call my own. Here are a few things that I did that helped me make friends and create my life at university.

Do Things Solo

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Let me start out by saying that you can not be afraid to do things alone!  Get out there and go! One of the firsts school events I went to was a football game, and I went alone!  Yes, it was intimidating, BUT I did meet people, chat, and had a good time. Sporting events are a great place to meet fellow students  (I mean, everyone is on the same team, right?) even if sports aren’t your thing.


During orientation or your school tour you might notice just how many clubs there are at your university. Depending on how big your school is there can be a club for literally EVERYTHING. Joining a club that fits your interests means that you will meet people who have your same interests! Um, can you say convenient?  I joined my school’s Model United Nations club and not only did I make friends, I got to travel with them as well for the club. Double win.

School Resources

Besides clubs, your university is bound to have transfer, new student, or exchange student focused activities and gatherings. My university has a huge transfer student population and organization to go along with it. Brunches, movie nights, obstacle course activities, you name it, the transfer student organization had it. Checking out your school’s Greek life is always an option too!

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Finding a job on campus or even locally can not only just fill your pockets but help you meet new people. I was lucky enough to be able to transfer my job to a closer location to my school. Not only did I befriend my coworkers, but since my workplace was so close to school, I met other students there as well.

Can starting at a new university be kind of scary? Yes. Does making friends and finding your crowd have to be difficult? Absolutely not. Starting at a new school is your chance to find your place. Universities have something for everyone. Take it from someone who waited two years to find her niche. The most important thing you have to remember is to just get out there and go.

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