Disney Movies That Will Inspire You To Travel

Disney without a doubt has played a big role in making our childhood awesome. It taught us key values such as manners, importance of ohana and how not everything has a happy ending. (ie. Simba’s dad *starts to sob*) Lastly, Disney has taught us that all adventures start when we travel. That’s why when we were children, we started imagining we were in “a whole new world” in our own back garden right? To live out these animated fantasies of “far off places, daring sword fights and magic spells”. But now we are a bunch of adults pursuing those dreams and making the world our own adventure. If you haven’t done so yet here are my picks of Disney movies that will inspire you to travel.


“Adventure is out there!” How could this not motivate you to travel? If there is one thing we can take from the scene where we see Ellie and Carl live and grow old together (other than they are relationship goals) is that life can change and we get distracted and we sort of forget our dreams when we were children. In their case that was to travel and visit “Paradise Falls” but in some bizarre way Carl was still able to do that. Despite his age and unusual company, he was able to live out his childhood dreams. From this experience he was able to start a new adventure with Russel and travel where their house floated by colourful balloons brings them.

The Little Mermaid

Ariel ran away, sold her voice to the sea witch and went behind her father’s back so she could walk on land. Talk about wanting it badly right? She didn’t do it to be with her prince though, but instead to discover a world above the sea. To see what’s in store for her. What new “thingy-ma-bob” could she discover next. You could say that Ariel inspires us to visit a new country and see what their culture is like. Learn their mannerisms, eat their exotic food and use authentic items. Live the way they do and learn the differences of cultures and get the best of both worlds. Who knows, you might choose this life like Ariel chose the land over the sea.


Hercules is my favourite Disney film and the reason behind that is because of the different mystical characters we meet through the story. Despite the inaccuracies to the real mythologies it gives enough input to make children be interested in the plot. Enticing us with greek gods and heroes. We also see scenes of ancient Greek. Temples and monuments that have crumbled down to ruins in the real world. Hercules illustrated a lot of Greece’s mythologies, history and culture. After seeing all of that how could you not want to visit “Thebes, the big olive”.


This kick-ass girl is everything I looked up to when I was a wee child. She’s strong, smart, independent and resourceful. She’s everything a woman traveler should be. I also couldn’t get enough of the panoramic views of Northern Wei Dynasty China especially when the guys start to sing “A girl worth fighting for”. Mulan showcases their traditional wear, oriental houses and timeless palaces. You can see the rice paddies, the cherry blossoms, and even the great wall of China featured in the animation. No doubt, it will give you an itch to travel to China and sip some herbal tea while you watch the cherry blossoms fall down.

Pirates of the Caribbean

If I had a ship you would never see me again. Captain Jack Sparrow seems to have an easy way in and out of everything. The places they shot the movie was absolutely stunning. You see him at a pub brawl in Tortuga. Next sword fighting in the Pacific blue. Then running on white beaches while being chased by angry cannibals . And lastly singing “A pirate’s life for me” in some deserted island that looks like paradise. I myself wouldn’t mind having a pirate’s life if I get to go to all these breathtaking places.

I know there a whole lot more films to talk about but these are my top 5 choices for Disney movie’s that will inspire you to travel. I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you were to have a magic carpet ride where would you want to go? What Disney film inspired you to travel? Can’t wait to hear from you guys.

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