Discover Your Center Of Action

We all have our own center and it is the root from which our actions are supposed to come from. Being aware of it helps us with major decisions in life and keeps us on the right track. Forgetting about it usually leads to loss of motivation, unhappiness and general confusion about what to do with one’s life.

We are constantly changing and rebuilding ourselves, both in our personal and professional life. Our identity can never be just one single thing and we describe ourselves differently through different aspects and periods of life. However, there is always something that fuels our fire. So, how do you discover your center as a young adult facing the expectations of the world?


Think of what you identify as.

How would you identify yourself, if you could only pick five of your identities? It is not important whether you identify yourself through hobbies, career or feelings. What matters is the collection of those identities you feel the closest to. For example: you can be a tour guide, an empath, a massage therapist, a Buddhist and a dancer all at the same time; along with everything else that defines you.

Pick five of your most prominent identities, write them down on separate post it notes and place them on whatever part of your body you feel like. Take a look at the mirror and ask yourself how you feel about those five identities. Take your time and then take three of them off of your body and ask the same question about the remaining two. Why are they so important to you?

At last, leave only one sticking to your body, even though this can be a difficult thing to do. Reflect upon that identity and define what lies behind it. What is the reason that you define yourself with this identity and why is it so important to you? Perhaps, if you dig deep, you will find something that lies inside you that almost always drives your decisions to participate in something. Or perhaps you do a certain activity just to feel that exact emotion.

Reflect on your main identity.

In the example I mentioned the five identities. Let’s say you identify with the empath identity the most. When you ask the question of what does this mean, look at your other four identities and try to find the empathy within them. Our center shows itself in different forms; all we have to do is be aware of the source. Whatever your source is, it will participate in the things you love the most.

It is not an easy thing to do, to find the center because we are constantly bombarded with influences that don’t come from within, but from the environment and the people around us. We get distracted and forget what why we do the things that we love while dealing with the things we have to do because of money and our own expectations, which are sometimes based on the expectations of others.

Reflect on your past.

What were you like when you were young and what were the things you loved doing?  When we are kids we do most of the things because we love to do them, but as we age our schedule fills with things that are not necessarily what we wish to do essentially. However, you can always remind yourself of yourself. We are ever-changing, but our center changes slowly, if it changes at all.

Try to visualize yourself at the age of 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-years-old. Remember the most important points of your life around those ages and reflect upon what hasn’t changed instead of what has.

What makes your eyes sparkle?

Sometimes when we see somebody talking about something they love, their eyes sparkle. We aren’t able to see ourselves from other peoples perspective and we cannot always realize what might seem obvious to others. Ask people close to you to be observant and tell you when they notice your eyes sparkling. This is a great way to become aware of the things that hide behind our activities that might appear like simple pleasures, however, we could be enjoying them because they indirectly touch our center of action.

What matters the most is that you stay or become true to yourself. We often stray from our path because we decide to leave our path of growth in the hands of something that doesn’t lie within us. How many times do we shut down our inner voice telling us what we want to do? Finding your center of action means becoming true to yourself. So, what motivates you?

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Špela Lausegger

Špela is an enthusiastic twenty-something human being from Slovenia. She is interested in basically everything connected to personal growth and has way too many hobbies . Her daily life consists of self care, occasional existential crisis, passionate discussions and different ways of creative self expression. She is built out of empathy, mindfulness and a pinch of sarcasm. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @spela.laus. and YouTube

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