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Sometimes we come across a place so impactful that, once we discover it, we can never go back to a time before we had. Instead, we feel “homesick” for it.

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Chronic illness can make travel a nightmare. But, as Hallie found out, chronic illness shouldn’t stop you from achieving your studying abroad goals!

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Understanding the cultural differences between American friendliness versus Japanese politeness is a great asset for exchange students heading to Japan!

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Don’t let drowsiness ruin the first days of your vacation! Reap the sleep with our must-read tips to overcoming jet lag before, during and after the flight.

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There’s no place like home. But what if nowhere FEELS like home? Here, Nuria ponders the curse that has travelers reassessing if home is where the heart is.

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Emotional luggage can sometimes accompany us overseas, but that doesn’t we have to return home with it too! Use your travels to set yourself free.

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One of the best ways to adjust to your new life overseas is to fall into a routine. If you love both creativity and practically, then try bullet journaling.

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While you’re overseas, issues can still arise at home. But how do you go about managing family problems while abroad? Read Allyson’s tips on how to cope.

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Nothing is scarier than the moment you move from “How long I have been here?” to “How much time do I have left?” And it’s called the mid-stay blues.

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Is your negative attitude impacting your overseas experiences? Then sample our tips so you can be well on your way to a new attitude… and a new YOU!

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Sometimes the stress of organizing exchange can be too much. This can cause you to back out of exchange or even avoid it. But this doesn’t have to happen!

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Getting sick abroad sucks, big time. But never fear! Here are some fool-proof ways you can reduce and remove that unwanted illness.

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