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Like most forms of grief, each stage of reverse culture shock has its own characteristics and symptoms. Which stage are you at?

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Staying fit is never easy – especially when you’re abroad in a country infamous for its rounded waistlines! Keep to your weight goals with our simple tips.

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Racial discrimination is an unwanted souvenir travelers can stumble across abroad. Don’t let it ruin your trip! Learn how to best face racism abroad here.

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Entering the brave new world of Airbnb? Then read these Airbnb safety tips to ensure your first-time experience is both safe AND enjoyable!

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Loving swimming in the big blue? Then take a step up and try your hand (or swim fins?) at scuba diving; Laura’s favorite adventure addiction.

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Don’t let your exchange derail the fitness levels you’ve worked so hard to achieve! Stay in shape while traveling with these fun fitness and nutrition tips.

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Here, Sam helps prospective international students be prepared for their time in Japan by taking a look at the sex lives of Japanese college students.

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In light of recent terrorism attacks, you might be questioning whether France is still safe for travel. Here, Ondine sheds light on the situation.

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Sometimes we come across a place so impactful that, once we discover it, we can never go back to a time before we had. Instead, we feel “homesick” for it.

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Chronic illness can make travel a nightmare. But, as Hallie found out, chronic illness shouldn’t stop you from achieving your studying abroad goals!

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Understanding the cultural differences between American friendliness versus Japanese politeness is a great asset for exchange students heading to Japan!

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Don’t let drowsiness ruin the first days of your vacation! Reap the sleep with our must-read tips to overcoming jet lag before, during and after the flight.

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