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Being aware of our center of action helps us with major decisions in life and keeps us on the right track. But how do you discover what fuels your fire?

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Homesickness is horrible. But there are definitely some strategies you can and should use to reduce you pining for home and fully enjoy your time abroad.

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Mountain climbing can be super scary. Mountain climbing ALONE can be even scarier – especially if, like Hanna, you’ve never taken a trip on my own before!

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There are many challenges international students experience when they come home and realize it isn’t as they remembered it. How do you readjust?

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Let’s be real here Tolkien. Some of us who wander ARE lost. But I’ve learnt to appreciate what my terrible sense of direction has taught me.

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The post study abroad blues are real. They can be confronting and isolating and SUPER difficult to navigate. Here are our tips on how to beat those blues.

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Sometimes when you travel to different cultures you can be subjected to subtle racism. Here are the small things Hanna noticed during her time in Japan.

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When you study abroad, you can be faced with clichés and prejudices – both your own and those of other people. But how do you fight against them?

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Depression doesn’t disappear because you get to travel abroad. Read on for tips and tricks on how to face depression while traveling.

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Life as a volunteer in the military teaches you some very unique outlooks and habits, as Selina found out during her time in the Israeli army.

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Experiencing sexual harassment during an internship is, sadly, more common than people think. Here, Nadia shares her own experience on how she overcame it.

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I’m in Italy for one year and I’ve been part of a basketball team since September. I testify to show you that joining a sport team abroad is worth it!

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