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While making friends with locals isn’t too difficult, it does come with its challenges. Here are some ideas on how to make friends with locals abroad.

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Being aware of our center of action helps us with major decisions in life and keeps us on the right track. But how do you discover what fuels your fire?

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Homesickness is horrible. But there are definitely some strategies you can and should use to reduce you pining for home and fully enjoy your time abroad.

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Mountain climbing can be super scary. Mountain climbing ALONE can be even scarier – especially if, like Hanna, you’ve never taken a trip on my own before!

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If you’re tossing up between flatting with local students or fellow internationals, here are some pros and cons that may influence your choice.

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There are many challenges international students experience when they come home and realize it isn’t as they remembered it. How do you readjust?

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Let’s be real here Tolkien. Some of us who wander ARE lost. But I’ve learnt to appreciate what my terrible sense of direction has taught me.

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Traveling is a must-do while you’re studying abroad in the US, as there’s just SO many places to see! But how to you travel such a big country on a budget?

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Traveling cheap, often and stress-free is THE goal when studying abroad, and here we find out how to achieve this!

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The best way to master a foreign language is immersion. And studying abroad is as immersive as it gets! Here are some tips to how to make the most of this time.

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Study abroad allows you meet a ton of awesome people. But what happens when your time is up and you have to leave the friendships you’ve made?

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It’s easy to play it safe overseas and just hit up the tourist hot spots, but when you live like a local makes the most of your study abroad experience!

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