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As an international student, it can be hard to create an impact on the world. Hard, but not impossible! Here are some things YOU can do to leave your mark.

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Sometimes, when traveling, your nationality sticks out like a sore thumb. Here, Ondine shares her experiences on what it’s like to be French abroad.

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When you return home from studying abroad, you often (weirdly) find yourself missing things you never thought you would. Here are some of the top culprits!

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Whether you want to sip age-old vodka or take in the monumental mix of Russian buildings, this guide to Saint Petersburg will help you achieve it!

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Like most forms of grief, each stage of reverse culture shock has its own characteristics and symptoms. Which stage are you at?

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With the millions of sites on your to-see list, it might seem odd to travel somewhere you’ve already been. But here are the benefits of doing a repeat trip!

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Staying fit is never easy – especially when you’re abroad in a country infamous for its rounded waistlines! Keep to your weight goals with our simple tips.

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Ready, set, study! Prepare for your Erasmus experience at Umea University with Daria’s insider know-how on apartments, public transport and student life.

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Racial discrimination is an unwanted souvenir travelers can stumble across abroad. Don’t let it ruin your trip! Learn how to best face racism abroad here.

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Whether you want to earn a little extra money or make some new experiences, the Christmas holidays are the best time to land a vacation job! Here’s how.

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Traveling WITHOUT breaking the bank is no easy feat. At least, not if you don’t have the know-how! Here, we teach you how to travel Europe on a budget.

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Green up your next vacation with these genius sustainable travel tips to ensure your overseas adventures help nurture the world!

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