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Living with a host family is a hilarious (and unending) lesson on communication. Find out what YOU will learn from your host family before you even arrive!

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Gunning for graduate school after college could be the biggest. Mistake. EVER. Don’t let it be yours. Learn why overachievers should consider a gap year.

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While experiencing new places with friends or family is ALWAYS an exciting adventure, there are tons of beneficial reasons why you should travel alone, too.

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Taking a trip to the land of the rising sun? Here are a few travel essentials you shouldn’t forget in your packing list for Japan.

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Finding accommodation can be a stressful part of studying abroad. But, it doesn’t have to be! Here’s our simple guide on where to find study abroad housing.

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Going abroad causes us to confront the stereotypes we have. From enacting to overcoming, here are three stages of stereotyping we all experience overseas.

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Tokyo is covered by a huge network of train, subway and bus lines. To save yourself a world of pain, check out our guide to transportation around Tokyo.

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Portugal’s stunning coastal capital is a must-see for any student expat worth their salt. Get prepared with our nine things to know before you visit Lisbon!

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Summer is nearly here and so too is road trip season! No matter your travel style, hit the gas and check out the best summer road trips from Los Angeles.

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Sometimes we’re too intimidated to quiz strangers. So we ask ourselves – to amusing effect! Here are some hilarious questions Diana asks herself abroad.

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Remy had prepared for the difficulty of a cross-country move to Singapore. Despite this, things soon started to go awry when she arrived at her destination.

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Here are some easy tips on how to take photographs that will last you a lifetime – even if you don’t have a thousand-dollar camera!

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