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Traveling is your chance as a self-confessed foodie to explore hundreds of new foods and flavors. Whet your appetite with our foodies guide to study abroad!

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After moving from a suburban Washington high school to a New York City high school, Ellen noticed a few differences in her school life. Read them here.

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Sometimes we come across a place so impactful that, once we discover it, we can never go back to a time before we had. Instead, we feel “homesick” for it.

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Like being in the loop on the best mouth-watering goods? Check out our tried-and-tested (ahem, tasted) guide to delicious Dutch dishes.

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Looking for a one-stop weekend guide to all things Tokyo? Then your search is over! Check out Tokyo’s lesser-known corners and must-see haunts here.

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Chronic illness can make travel a nightmare. But, as Hallie found out, chronic illness shouldn’t stop you from achieving your studying abroad goals!

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Whether it’s toilets, trains or the sheer cost of the place, Japan is full of surprises for first-time visitors. To avoid some shocking dilemmas, read here!

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When it comes to traveling, most of us want to travel as carefree and quickly as possible. But did you know the best way to accomplish this is with a car?

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Writer’s block can affect our studies – even if you’re writing on a topic that’s super interesting to you! Here are some helpful hints to use when stuck.

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Skip the tour buses and travel groups! Instead, take a look at these five alternative ways to explore a new city the next time you’ve caught the travel bug!

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Headed to a place where you don’t know the local language? Turns out the experience will give you a ton of communication skills! Learn what these are here.

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About to head off to the UK? Use this packing list to ensure you’re bring everything you need for your semester abroad in the United Kingdom!

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