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Being a polite traveler in Japan is SO much easier than you would expect… if you follow these helpful tips on Japan’s basic correct manners, that is!

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You’ve returned home only to pine for your lovable overseas digs. So, you book a return trip. But what should you expect when returning your exchange town?

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One of the best ways to adjust to your new life overseas is to fall into a routine. If you love both creativity and practically, then try bullet journaling.

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Did you know making international friends creates a better future? Us neither. Discover how YOUR befriending of people abroad contributes to world peace!

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Stuck on an Iceland layover and wondering, “What is there to do in Iceland for less than a day?” Well, get your party hats on ‘cause there’s plenty! Here are eight of our favorites.

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All countries have a gender gap. But in some countries, this gap is wider than others. Here, we take a look at existing gender gaps in popular Western countries.

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Valentine’s Day, when single people feel like trash for not having a bae. It doesn’t have to be all bad though… here’s how this future crazy cat lady is doin’ it.

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Die meisten Leute versuchen, ihre Fehler zu verstecken. Dabei ist es so wichtig zu scheitern – nur so können wir unser gesamtes Potential entfalten.

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Raus aus der Komfortzone! Schon kleine Schritte reichen aus, um auch als introvertierte Persönlichkeit im Studium Erfolg zu haben!

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Nach einem langen Tag in der Uni möchtest du einfach nur einen stillen Raum für dich selbst? Als Kind fandst du lesen schon immer interessanter

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Wir alle wissen doch, wie es läuft: Zu Anfang des Semesters schwören wir produktiver

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Als du dich für dein Auslandssemester beworben hast, hat deine Heimat-Uni

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