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Whether you want to sip age-old vodka or take in the monumental mix of Russian buildings, this guide to Saint Petersburg will help you achieve it!

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Japan likes implicit communication. Germany, as a European country, likes to-the-point communication. Unearth their clashing communication styles!

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Tokyo is one of the worlds MOST expensive cities, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch your travel plans! Our guide makes visiting it on a budget doable.

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If you’re unlucky enough to miss the last train in Tokyo, you’ll be happy to know that there are several simple solutions to getting through the night.

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Here, Sam explores how the underfunding of English-taught classes at several Japanese universities is impacting the education of international students.

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Riding a bike in Tokyo is the ultimate Japanese experience. But not following these Tokyo cycling rules could land you a one-way ticket to bike jail…

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Being a polite traveler in Japan is SO much easier than you would expect… if you follow these helpful tips on Japan’s basic correct manners, that is!

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A TEFL qualification is a great door opener to a TON of opportunities, including teaching, traveling and learning. Wait till you find out why!

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Kick off your study abroad adventure in Southeast Asia; a place full of stunning color, diversity and beauty. Oh, and did we mention the cheap prices?

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Quality beauty products are all the rage in Japan – including drugstores! Find YOUR new beauty basics in these Japanese drugstore beauty products.

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Here, Sam helps prospective international students be prepared for their time in Japan by taking a look at the sex lives of Japanese college students.

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From feeding deer in Nara to climbing Mount Fuji, here’s our list of the 15 top things you CAN’T leave Japan without first ticking off your bucket list!

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