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Gunning for graduate school after college could be the biggest. Mistake. EVER. Don’t let it be yours. Learn why overachievers should consider a gap year.

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Getting a post-graduate degree abroad might be a smart idea… but is it really? We look at the pros and cons of earning a post-graduate degree abroad.

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You don’t need to stop studying to travel. Instead, organize your school timetable so you can schedule in travel AND study sessions while you’re overseas!

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The best way to master a foreign language is immersion. And studying abroad is as immersive as it gets! Here are some tips to how to make the most of this time.

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Having your first interview in a foreign language? Well here are tips and advice on how to prepare (and NAIL) the interview process!

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Experiencing sexual harassment during an internship is, sadly, more common than people think. Here, Nadia shares her own experience on how she overcame it.

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I’m in Italy for one year and I’ve been part of a basketball team since September. I testify to show you that joining a sport team abroad is worth it!

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It’s amazing what job skills exchange students learn overseas – often times without even realizing it. Read on to discover what to add to you resume!

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As an international student, being able to speak multiple languages is definitely a pro for travel and can be a rewarding journey. Here are our top 5 tips to get you fluent in no time!

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You can make a big difference in the world around you, and your study abroad journey is the perfect place to start. Here’s how volunteering abroad changed my life for the better.

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Don’t want to settle for the 9-5 office life after graduation? Great, because you don’t have to. If you love learning about new cultures and exploring different places of the world, why not apply to graduate programs abroad instead.

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Success is illusive, right? NOT SO! All it takes it a little work – here are seven practical steps that’ll get you there.

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